EXPOSED: TNA Onyango Oloo’s brother CONNING Millions from Luo JOB SEEKERS in Uhuru Administration

A group of TNA influence peddlers has turned into a full extortion cartel and is destroying the goodwill President Uhuru's TNA party has in Nyanza, if any, Kenya Today can now reveal. While President Uhuru's TNA party (now in the process of converting to JAP) is not so popular in Luo Nyanza, the party has nevertheless created grassroots structures in the region. However, as the party's presence … [Read More...]

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SHOWDOWN: MCAs to ELECT Senators, Devolution Taskforce recommends

Kenyans may no longer directly elect Senators if a proposal by a taskforce auditing the socio-economic impact of the 2010 constitution is adopted. The taskforce is recommending a reduction in the number of wards by half to just 725 in a move aimed at cutting costs. The team also recommends that presidential candidates be allowed to […]