Top Civil Servant DEMANDS Statehouse BLOGGERS undergo TRAINING at Government school to avoid EMBARRASSMENT


Owing to the embarrassment caused yesterday, a top civil servant and Uhuru Kenyatta’s top online personality Gordon Opiyo has re-emphasized his call for training to bloggers working at Statehouse. This he says will save Uhuru and the government further embarrassment>>>> Here is his post>>> Last year, when I suggested that guys that come from the […]

FEAR of SHIFTA War REINCARNATION in North Eastern Kenya Growing by day


SHIFTA REINCARNATION!!! By Mac’Olonde David My political eye sees something very disturbing in this sudden emergence and escalation of Al Shabaab activities in Northern Kenya, it’s like the shifta movement is reincarnating. For non historians; The Shifta War (1963–1967) was a secessionist conflict in which ethnic Somalis in the North Eastern Province, a region that […]

SAD: Alshabaab Targeting and KILLING Police Officers


International Center for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) strongly condemn the horrible, cowardly and despicable Al Shabaab terrorist attack in Yumbis area of Garissa County in North Eastern Kenya targeting and resulting in the murder of innocent police officers as well as the destruction of security vehicles. Acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of […]

WHY Hon Duale MUST be INVESTIGATED over Terrorism in Kenya


A Kenyan Professional living in USA offers his thoughts on why Hon Duale MUST be investigated over terrorism acts in Kenya. He singled out Hon Duale’s public pronouncements that he owes nobody a list of terrorists and their financiers as an insult to the intelligency of Kenyans. Click play to watch>>>