There is need to Ban Political Rallies


By Mtoto Mdogo The word rally means a lot in its context but what I would want to talk about is. “An event in which competitors drive through a series of timed special stages at intervals”. The one in focus in of no doubt political rallies. A lot has been said about making Kenya better […]

Robert Alai: The late Senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang may have been POISONED,


Robert Alai says>>> Some senior Doctor has just told me that someone bleeds in death because he/she swallowed something which interferes with clotting of blood. Otieno Kajwang’ did not die of heart attack. He was poisoned. We should investigate who poisoned him. This ‘heart attack’ story stinks. Halafu hii heart attack where someone bleeds infinitely […]

How Fit Is Your Dick, Exactly? The SexFit Ring Knows All the Answers


Are you fucking at your full potential? Are you really giving it all with your dick? How are you to know, you may wonder. A new device is here to help you make sure you get your dick in shape for maximum sex mastery. How fit is your dick, exactly? According to the Daily Dot, […]

HILARIOUS: Eugene Wamalwa’s NEW ROLE while in Washington USA


>These are our two great sons of Bukusuland Messrs Hon Sakaja Johnson and Eugene Wamalwa, they are rumoured to have been been locked of out of the Whitehouse dinner for heads of state and government. President Uhuru was only allowed to be joined by a max of four top officials including aide de camp. The […]

SHOCKING: Why Jeff Koinange was FIRED from CNN and much more


By WHERE IS KENYA.COM We were just going through our archives and thought we would remind you why Jeff Koinange was fired from CNN. Actually, scratch that, he did a horrible interview today so we think it’s entirely appropriate to drag in his past here. Back in the day, a leading American website quoting official […]

Uhuru’s STATEHOUSE Comptroller IMPREGNATED and ABANDONED College Girl


Lawrence Lenayapa, the Comptroller of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State House A twenty-four-year-old woman is accusing one of Kenya’s most powerful man for being a ‘dead beat father’. Vivianne Nyange claims Lawrence Lenayapa, the Comptroller of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State House impregnated her when she was a third-year student at a college in Voi. Vivianne recalls […]

UPDATED Masaku Sevens in pictures: PHOTOS of holy SHIT


There is a telling joke amongst Masaku Sevens rugby fans: Nobody knows who won! It is the common answer you are likely to get when you ask many of the hundreds who attended the three-day tournament. “I didn’t actually see most of the games,” confesses Natasha Gacheri a 23-year-old university student. “Very Few people  actually […]