Dr. Owuor prophecy: post-election violence in Kenya

By William Makora

I do not often read from books of prophecies. I read from books of history and psychology. I read from proverbs. I read from gospel of peace, truth and reconciliation. I read from books of power and progress. But one latter-day prophet, Dr. David Owuor of Repentance and Holiness, has put a reverse appetite in me. I listen more to his prophecies, especially, those that concern Kenya. I listen because, contrary to common prophets, Dr. Owuor proves true to the God I worship. He is a God of repentance, restoration and holiness. Falsehood is not in Jehovah and whatever He says come to pass.

God, through His vessel Dr. Owuor, has proclaimed His anger for human immorality, revealing how He would punish the people unless they repent from their evil ways and embraced the ‘True Way of Holiness’.  It has all come to pass over the years.

When the Dr. Owuor prophesied about earthquakes in China, Chile, US’s Mexico and California, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Tanzania, Kenya’s Nairobi among others, they were fulfilled. When he warned that floods would hit Australia, Malta, Kenya, etc, it happened. When he warns about wars, they do not miss to come. In all the revelations, God provides a way: “Repent from your iniquities for the mitigation of the impending effects of the wrath of Jehovah!”

Through this same servant of Jehovah, God has warned of impending wars in Korea, America, Israel, Kenya, among others. He has warned of mighty distress that would fatally sweep the face of the lands with blood and anguish; with gnashing of teeth and desolation. By his tongue, the Lord has summoned the people to fast and pray so that He alleviates the corollaries.

I believe in Dr. Owuor’s prophecies. He is a man of God. If he would not be calling people to repentance and holiness; if he was not calling people to Jehovah Adonai by reconciliation in Christ Jesus; I would doubt him. He cannot be serving another master and direct people to turn to God in tears in supplication for forgiveness and mercy. 

Today in Kenya at 7 a.m. on NTV, there was Prophet Dr. Owuor warning Kenyans of a pending terrible animosity, “with a worse magnitude than the 2008 violence”. It will sweep Kenya with flood of blood and wananchi will hack one another like ones hacking down trees. Kenyans will kill one another with renewed appetite and the agony will be as horrible as never ever seen in the land. He said it will occur simultaneously with the elections to disguise the cause. In the same respect, Jehovah has asked Kenyan leadership to lead the people in a fast on 2nd and 3rd of March, 2013, two days to the voting exercise.

I can believe this prophecy. It sounds quite immediate but I believe it will come to pass. I repeat I believe in Dr. Owuor’s prophecies. He is a man of God. If he would not be calling people to repentance and holiness; if he was not calling people to Jehovah Adonai by reconciliation in Christ Jesus; I would doubt him. He cannot be serving another master and direct people to turn to God in tears in supplication and imploration for forgiveness and mercy. This prophecy gonna come to pass if Kenyans doubt or ignore it.

[The] reason I believe something is seriously wrong during this political season is the activities of politicians. There are reports and claims of tribal alliances formed against others.

The coming elections in Kenya have indications of worst schemes for animosities. The phenomenon raises its ugly face in killings like the ones recently seen in Tana River, Baragoi and Garissa. Antagonisms like one currently shoved through the throats of the Digo by controversial court orders granted to one Evans Waitiki, son of Kamau Waitiki, seeking to evict over 50, 000 people from the land believed to be grabbed in the early days of independence indicate plans to destabilize the nation in this election period. We can pray to Jehovah for help.

Another reason I believe something is seriously wrong during this political season is the activities of politicians. There are reports and claims of tribal alliances formed against others. This is one of the causes of election distress in 2008 that left many people dead, displaced and property destroyed. The other malevolent act of politicians that stands to sponsor one of the most atrocious violence in Kenya is ‘the buying of allegiance’ with money. It makes me fear a lot because such characters that spend the money may not accept the results when they lose elections. They may use violence as ‘the last part of the game’. That is disastrous to credulous people.

The other malevolent act of politicians that stands to sponsor one of the most atrocious violence in Kenya is ‘the buying of allegiance’ with money. It makes me fear a lot because such characters that spend the money may not accept the results when they lose elections. They may use violence as ‘the last part of the game’.

As they take precautions, President Mwai Kibaki and PM Raila Odinga have no option; they have obligation to take Kenyans to prayers in accordance with voice of the man of God, lest we perish in the heinous turmoil.


    • says

      Robert; may God bless you for that appeal! May His favours increase upon you today and forever more! It takes true faith in Jehovah to call upon believers to unite in prayers for deliverance of the nation. It took Mordecai’s instruction to the children of Israel and Esther’s supplication to deliver the people from evil plans of Haman the Agagite. If we unite in this prayer, He will listen to us and save our nation.

  1. Mathew says

    May God have mercy on us…I witnessed 2007 post election violence in Naivasha & I lost all my house hold belonging plus my causin who was hacked to death when he left us in the camp to pick his certificates in the house……pls! pls! pls! let us pray for this

    • says

      O yeah! May He have mercy upon the land of Kenya. May He break the hard hearts of the men and the women and may He flush out devil worship that seeks to spill the blood of the people for sacrifice! This nation shall be the Lord’s land for ever more, amen!

    • says

      If we agree together, Mathew, we can ask God to prevent it. I believe God is waiting to see us respond to His call; it is His sweet concern towards us as a nation. Let’s turn to God people of Kenya; let’s pray that He redeems us from this political curse.

  2. Sam Och Jackie says

    if they could have ears, then we could be saved, but I don't trust politicians, may God have mercy on the people of kenya.

  3. says

    This is crap the report was first given by the C.I.A that Kenya faces post-election violence, now Owuor is playing into that, Thie BIBLE says there shall come false prophets in the name of the LORD who shall prophesy and do great wonders and leave peaople with awe, but I know true God's prophets are not materialistic and Dr. David Owuor is.

    • says

      My voice is voice of truth, refuse to heed, learn to read your BIBLE brother, there was a reason why JESUS was humble, there was a reason why all prophets were humble and never forget al prophets were JEWS.

    • says

      Does the Bible you read say God no longer speaks to people, David?! Or does it say there will no longer be prophets among the people?! Before you mislead yourself, pray to God to to help you understand His word. Do not quote the Bible without knowledge. Satan also quotes it all in vain.

      • says

        How I wished you knew this man Dr. Owuor properly, David! How I wished you knew the God Dr. Owuor serves properly! He does not promote materialism that you sing about hereon; He promotes repentance and holiness. He promotes reconciliation to Jehovah in Christ Jesus. He promotes mercy and grace. How I wished you knew Him, David; you would know the power in His word.

      • Anonymous says

        Prophet Owuor do not preach the gospel of materialism. He preaches against it and says God will punish those who use the word to enrich themselves.

      • Adioz says

        Allow me to say something David Mfalme.
        “The Lord was with Samuel as he grew up, and he let none of his words fall to the ground. And all Israel from Dan to Beersheba recognized that Samuel was attested as a prophet of the Lord” (1 Sam 3:19).
        You can also read Deut. 18 that talks about how to distinguish between a false prophet and a true one.
        Anyway why I really wanted to to say something is this (not to protect Dr. Owuor because whether I do or not he doesn’t know me neither do I want him to be my uncle) but:
        I believe you’re the Body of Christ and wanted to help you.
        I have tried to listen to his messages and I strongly doubt when you say that Dr. Prophet is materialistic – or I can say you don’t understand the word materialistic?
        For all his message is against that – or may be you think you can fool Kenyans?
        You are mistaken terribly my brother. Accuse him as a bachelor or anything else but not materialistic. Check in the dictionary the word materialistic then prove with his words or actions that show he is materialistic or maybe you don’t know who we are talking about here.

    • Ivy Nyakwaka says

      Our Bible talks of those who have ears but dont listen, those who have eyes but dont see, the choice is your to either believe or doubt. What the bible says in 1 corinthians 1:18 is that the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. The prophet of the lord has spoken, lets wait n see it come to pass like usual.

      • says

        Ivy, you are right. We can only believe the Word of God. We can not doubt it. The man of God has spoken and we cannot wait for it to happen. I do not want to suffer. I do not want my wife and children to suffer. I shall join Kenyans and Kenyan friends worldwide in prayer for mitigation of the proclamation. MAY God have mercy on Kenya.

        • Meltus George says

          Amen. i strngly agree with you. lets launch in to the deep of intercession on gealf of our precious nation, siblings, friends, parents and ourselves

    • Tony Jiang says

      Ivy Nyakwaka the problem is that this guys prophecies are so vague! any seismologist can tell you that there will be earthquakes, and since this guy doesnt even give dates….

      • Adioz says

        I can say that you’re one of the uninformed Kenyans.
        Anyway, let’s not get into that. Tell me where on earth had an earthquake hit Australia with a magnitude measured by Prophet. Sorry they are calling him Man of God or whatever. I don’t believe in this Prophet but his words come to pass with the same words he uses.
        Let’s put earthquakes kando.
        He said that there would be post election violence in 2007. I really argued and went to the extend to look for people we can call his disciples to mock them for I knew that post election would have happened during Moi project removal. But to my surprise it was there. I was ashamed terribly and started following his messages from a distance.
        One thing that surprises me with this guy is that the prophesies he gives happen exactly with the words he uses.
        who would predict post election in Kenya two years before it does happen?
        Who would predict the people’s healing and indeed the heal.
        Where can a man get those powers unless Jehovah Himself is involved.

      • William Makora says

        How I wished this Tony’s so-called “seismologist” was there to tell Kenyans of earthquakes and tremors that ever occurred and killed the people of caused panics in our history! How I wished ‘he’ was there to tell Americans of the same! How I wished he got anywhere near to telling Indonesians that Tsunami would sweep the land! Tony, please wake up from slumber and face your God out! He talks through men and women.

    • george says

      You are talking like a foolish woman, mayb ur waiting to see with ur own eyes
      I pray ur wish be granted then u learn from it

    • says

      We cannot doubt him at all, Hon Gecheo. The man of God has the spirit that sees the depth of the things hidden from the people. The Lord reveals the time of these occurrences to him and they come to pass. We can only doubt him at our own peril.

    • Tony Jiang says

      Note also that some earthquakes came in a matter of days or weeks or months, while others came years after Owuor’s prediction. It was simply a matter of time before a quake struck. Others have yet to come, if they ever do. Without giving a specific time frame, Owuor had nothing to lose with his predictions. He had much to gain from the gullible and uninformed, however.

      • Adioz says

        Am surprised but I understand that you lack words.
        No wonder from your small perspective you talk about earthquakes happening. But remember the Chile earthquake, Japan among others. Then refer to his words as he gives prophesy; you will find that the events follow the words.
        He also prophesied about the Pale Horse (I know you’re asking Hio ndio nini?; that’s why I call you uninformed). It happened exactly as he prophesied. Let alone the Post election that he said 2007 if you wanted the dates. Let alone the planet that was discovered later after he prophesied. let alone the economic crashing that he said when it will strike the earth and it did and everywhere cried.
        Be careful unless you want Jehovah to detest you. I know the bible somewhere it says, that do not touch on my anointed one. BE CAREFUL.

        • William Makora says

          Adioz; Tony Jiang is desperately conceited. Only God can deliver him. It would be good if you make him a prayer item. Otherwise, God’s word is above blasphemy. We can only believe and do as He instructs us to do.

          • Adioz says

            Look here William, I happened to be a politician at one time. But I withdrew because it is a dirty game. But Tony Jiang’ David Mfalme are poor politicians.
            Let me teach them some politics where to take them.
            In politics, before you criticize your opponent, you first need to understand what you’re saying. You also need to make a close follow up of what he or she says so that you can pick your politics from there.
            Tony and David are speaking what they don’t understand. That’s making fools of themselves. Because people know who Dr. Owuor is. Whether they are his disciples or not.
            They cannot lie………

    • Meltus George says

      amen. may God bless u 4 standing on His side. lets prepare for the coming of Messiah our King. just as these other prophesies have been fulfilled, so shall the coming of Jesus Christ be a shock and stern to the unprepared. MAY LORD MAKE ME ENTER. AMEN AND SHALOM TO KENYA AND ISRAEL

  4. says

    Hasn’t the lord spoken to this beloved nation of kenya through His one and only endtime Prophet?. Take heed to the voice of God and Repent as the nation, and maybe God will relent.and have mercy on us,because the mouth of the Lord has spoken,

    • says

      Though a prophet is not considered in his own land or believed by his own people, we cannot afford to ignore this; not after seeing it all happen in the globe by word from his tongue. The power of the Almighty God is in the pronouncements.

  5. Anonymous says

    Its sad to see how some people who think they are wise in their own wisdom end up being fools.The bible say the carnal mind can’t understand things of the Spirit.How people are quick to give negative explaining on things spoken by the Spirit of God.I peity this people just like the day of Noah they never thought that it was scientifically possible to have a downfall of this magnitude but when it can the doors of the Ark was already closed so they perished this are the likes of akina Mfalume who don’t believe that God speaks to people because he has never spoken to him.And who fault is it its his own he has never given himself achance to hear from God since he does not have a relationship with him.So he is always arguing with people who have a relationship with the Father.

    • Anonymous says

      God speaks to people through prophets and David should know it. Instead of arguing he should agree with the word of God that Kenyans need to pray.

      • William Makora says

        I agree. God is God and man is man. The carnal mind does not fathom the depth of the knowledge of God. The Spirit of God alone reveals the thought of God to all mankind. We can believe the man of God and repent and return to God for our salvation.

  6. says

    When the wrath of God pours on the land, it is the judgment of God upon the sin in the land.We’re living in the repeat of the history, where by people could not humble before the Prophet Jeremiah, they mocked him,they were stiffnecked and their hearts were hardened and they could not turn to God or Repent of their sin,until God had no remedy. How I wish we may all swallow our pride and humbly come to God as a nation by repentance.Only National repentance can safe this nation, and it must start with me and you.

    • says

      God speaks speaks to use through through his chosen men and women, Florence. Even now He has spoken to us about an impending human disaster. We can avert it by following His instruction. It is simple; PRAYER!

      • says

        Eliud, God is good to all people. He is good to Kenyans; that is why he sends His word in time to warn the nation of pending disaster. He has not left us without a solution; we can repent and pray for His mercy. Welcome.

    • Adioz says

      Yes Florence, we can all shut up!
      But the fact remains Kenya has to act by listening to what he has said.
      This time round, why can’t Kenya try what he says rather than shutting up and just watching whatever he predicts come to pass.
      I was surprised that sometimes he also cries and tells God this time you have spoken but am standing between you and Kenya; for the sake of the widows, the poor….
      If he can cry, then why don’t we also cry out to our leaders?

      • says

        We dont need too complicate each other.lets jst pray 4 peaceful ,fair en blessed election afta all.whether prophesied or not,wat we nid to do is ask God to 4give us,av mearcy on his pple.God 4gives,lets pray for awa country to av peace en harmony.y would pple kill each other jst coz certain candidate failed.we shall only av 1 gorvernment afta all.y dont we fight for da kingdom of God first.LETS PRAY,ASK FOR MERCY,LOVE OF GOD,FORGIVENESS,PEACE,UNITY EN GODS LEADERSHIP BUT NOT HUMAN POWER.LORD WE PRAY DAT U HEAR AWA PRAYERS.

  7. Stephen Apola says

    What Kenyans need is not religiosity as seen with the many churches and prayer meetings. What Kenyans needs is a real awakening of how deep we've drifted in having a form of religion without power! Ministers for hire, Pastors supporting tribalism and people who've drifted so deep in corruption they rarely know another way of life. It is not business as usual in Kenya!

  8. says

    May God have mercy on us Kenyans! May the devil be defeated and all his plans fail In Jesus Mighty Name! Kenya Belongs to you Ooh God and you are well able to Keep us in peace and in safety throughout this testing period! God I repent on behalf of all Spiritual, Business and Political Leaders the past, the present and the future ones, do not treat us as our sins deserve but Ooh Lord remember mercy.I nullify every curse, Let the fire of God strike down all demonic strongholds against Kenya, I declare that every evil thought against Kenya will be turned to good & the favor of the Lord will flow mightily in our Country. In Jesus Name I pray and believe. Lets continue praying for Kenya friends….God Bless you and God Bless Kenya.Amen.>>>One like=One Amen.

  9. WILFRED says

    Well I dont deny that his prophesy will come to pass but I beg to say that Owuor himself should repent the greatest. No words can convince me that this man is a true



    • says

      Wilfred, what do you mean by the question: “DOES OWUOR KEEPS THE LAW OF GOD IN HIS HEART”? You seem to know more than Christians know about the prophet and you can help by telling it out openly here. Remember the Bible warns: “Lie not one to another, seeing that you have put off the old man with his deeds;” (Colossians 3:9) for liars[sinners] are “speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.” (1 Timothy 4:2) Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight. (Proverbs 12:22) “A righteous man hates lying: but a wicked man is loathsome, and comes to shame.” (Proverbs 13:5)

      If you join the club of malicious gossipers and hate speakers, you spoil your own life and the lives of your children and your children’s children. The devil is using members of the Church to pelt lies and portray the man of God as an evil one “without giving a slight evidence of evil”. That is because they seek to protect their misdeeds that the prophets teaches against when he says: “God will punish the nation because Church leaderships have corrupted themselves with the messages of prosperity asking the congregation: ‘Give and thou shalt be given more abundantly!'” He has asked the Church leadership to repent because they have condoned sin and sinners who finance their selfish egos and hunger for fast wealth. That and other chastisements have caused people to talk the way you do hereon, Wilfred. There is no shortcut to pleasing God; do His will.

      • Anonymous says

        Thank you for the scriptural information. Wilfred should read and come out of denominational religions. He needs the Spirit of God to guide him to understand His will.

    • Adioz says

      Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      I know even a little baby would laugh at you.
      You see guy never say anything without prove.
      What shows that Dr. Owour does not obey the word of God?
      Besides guy, how many preachers when God exalts them not even to the level of Dr. Owour then they start exalting themselves above even God’s word?
      Anyway, your claims are baseless and without prove.

      But look, they met him and asked, don’t you know that that man called Jesus is a devil and yet you say that he healed you? But he answered, what many if not millions would tell you allover the world “he is satanic, that one I don’t know, but one thing I know, I was lame but now I walk, HIV + but now HIV – (Read John 9:25)

      • WILFRED says

        I love the way you laugh. but anyway, have you the only person who has never read that that even devils perform miracles? my friend am not saying that you r doomed< let us search the bible 4 truth or we all perish.

        • Anonymous says

          Wilfred it is not about performance of miracles, it is about calling Kenyans to pray for safety and REPENT to God for mitigation of their sins.

    • Adioz says

      ohhhhh Yes mr. WILFRED!

      Thank God you’re talking to Christians yet you yourself you are not one.
      If not one let me tell you that Christians don’t lie like you. Ask even the world and they will tell that the only righteous world renown preacher is Dr. Owuor.

      But anyway, to help you is that liars, their father and god is the father of lies satan.

      John 8:44
      New International Version says:

      You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

      MR. WILFRED SIR!!!

  10. says

    hi lets not say it will not tak place befor the 2007/2008 l wasw in nakuru for the repent and hollynes kesha,he prophesy off the of the post election that took place and we all swo it.
    THE Q is do we tak arisk and wait to see what will hapen or we tak an action now when we have time?at the end of the day we have all sin we do not hav to give money to any one to be forgiven,
    lets put all heads togetha and save our children’

    • William Makora says

      I agree with John Maina that the only way to save Kenya is by prayers. Kenyans let’s listen to the voice of God.

  11. says

    My good God, I believe that it is the tribal guitarist who play tribalism secretly in the black corners, but when they come out to press they preach peace…… ooooh God what shall we do.. now that even religious leaders have entered politics, any body who knows the truth… (not your religion) please lets unite.. and pray for a way out… this evil is coming to us, since money is already working….

    • William Makora says

      Let us pray, Christians; let is turn to God in repentance and supplication. God is gracious and He will surely listen to us.

    • says

      Peter Otieno; please, consult your pastor and he will read to you biblical history of how prophets of God warned the kingdoms and nation of Israel about impeding judgements. He will tell you how they approached or sent words to kings to ask them to lead the people to prayer or repentance. That did not mean politics. God is above the earth and all activities on it. Just heed and pray to God in accordance with His word..

  12. peris kemboi says

    Fellow kenyans lets hope for the best out of it.If God is for us who else can be agaist us?let us pray hard 4 awa leaders.

    • William Makora says

      Yeah! Prayer is the way to go! We cannot be as stiff-naked as the Haitians did. God is not a son of man that He may lie.

  13. Josh says

    The lord says Be still and know that i am God who will deluiver you from your enemies, He says if two or more of you unite and are in agreement i am there with you so Kenyans regardless of the religion affiliations weather muslim or christian or hindu lets unite and Pray to the lord to be delivered.

    • William Makora says

      God bless you for the good news. Josh! “If two or or three shall come to Me and pray; I shall hear them and grant their prayers!” [Paraphrased]

  14. Anonymous says

    We ought to call on all people to harden not their hearts against this voice of the LORD, whether they believe it or not. For the faithful,it is a time to pray that God’s message may find a fertile ground in men’s hearts. May God have mercy on our beloved Kenya. Amen

    • William Makora says

      Prayer is the way to go! “God have mercy on Kenya! Have mercy on us, Lord; we are your children! Save us from this phenomenon!”

  15. Boniface says

    We ought to call on all people to harden not their hearts against this voice of the LORD, whether they believe it or not. For the faithful,it is a time to pray that God’s message may find a fertile ground in men’s hearts. May God have mercy on our beloved Kenya. Amen

    • Adioz says

      Even the Prophet in his prayers at Kisumu he cried and said Lord?
      Today I stand between Kenya and you today. That this prophesy may not happen for the sake of protecting this revival in this nation.
      Jehovah remember the widows, the power who have nothing ….. and so on and so forth.

      If we get pple like Virginia who can cry that this may never happen, we will bless the Lord.

  16. vooke says

    Repentance is ok,but when we make it a doctrine, a lifestyle,a creed, we truly miss on why Christ came,died and rose again.
    Personally am yet to see anything prophet owuor say come to pass; I always receive prophecy-after-fact stuff.
    Kenya will have PEV (pre and post) BUT of a far smaller scale than 2007-2008.
    If you are interested in what God has for us over the bnext 17years,including our fourth president, please prayerfully watch this;

    • William Makora says

      If you get exposed you see without doubt, Vooke. Otherwise, waiting to see may not come as you may be consumed in the calamity. That is not anybody’s prayer. You can believe the word of God and be saved.

  17. daniel nyamu says

    politicans in kenya are just greedy….sorry to say that ODM representatives are mostly affected…kenyans are now more wise than before…we have seen what the nurses have been done….how can money be given out by the president and greedy polititiace keep it to their selves thinking that the truth wount be discovered…its the high time for our politicians to grow up..

  18. Allan says

    many doubt him as the way i used to. bt leave alone earthquake, hv u heard of continous distress in aviation, look at what he said and what hapenned in sydney Australia A380 fly emirates , who can hv such accurate prediction? -it is in youtube.
    besides, false prophets exists bt they never acknoledge Jesus as the one who has worked miracles, can satarnic person command the devils to go, can, thru him, cripples healed in the name of Jesus? these questions alwayz guide us

    • William Makora says

      Allan, faith comes by hearing the voice of God. He speaks to us through many media including His people. We can believe him and turn to God for salvation. I believe God has good plans for Kenyans; plans to save and not to destroy us.

  19. Christine Myrha says

    even the prophets in the bible prophesied hope. why should he prophesy only doom all time! this are the last day man! take caution,read your bibles! kwani all the prayers other churches pray en fast dont reach our God we should go by his command! am worried.

    • William Makora says

      Christine, if you consult your pastor you will realize that Elijah was not a prophet of hope. His ascension in a chariot of fire without tasting death tells you how God considered his work. We can always listen to the voice of God. If we doubt we perish.

    • says

      Christine, if you consult your pastor you will realize that Elijah was not a prophet of hope. His ascension in a chariot of fire without tasting death tells you how God considered his work. We can always listen to the voice of God. If we doubt we perish.

    • Christine Myrha says

      i think this is too much! if all prayers we pray in our churches aint enough then let him pray for us! right now i dont believe in this with the current religion of illuminatism an free masonry! i better pray my own God.

      • peter says

        may i tell you that even though you crafted your house in high places so as to find how you will escape the wrath…, but one thing is clear, what you used will talk to you.. your roof and nails, poles and your money will all talk to you…. as for me i am for the weak species God will send another help……

      • Adioz says

        The bible is very clear,
        touch not my anointed one!
        To prove if he is true or not, then fight him strongly and watch your life decline, then you’ll know the same God who gives you life, puts the words in his mouth.
        But if he is false or as you say satanic, why fear and yet the Lord on our side is mightier than the devil.

    • says

      Christine Myrha, the prophet is far from Illuminati like east from west. No Satanic agent campaigns for recognition, repentance and return to the Almighty God. No devil worshiper glorifies Christ and directs people to worship Him. Just meditate and repent from rebellion. God is faithful.

    • Adioz says

      Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa
      the prayers don’t because they are wolves in sheep clothes.
      why for God’s sake should a true christian who follows Christ detest pple returning to their creator?
      No. two, Dr. Owour does not only predict bad things, infact for your knowledge, he is crying and praying that this prophesy of post election this year may not come to pass because even his ministry of telling the world to repent for the kingdom of God is near will be strangled for the classroom will be in ruins as he put it when we interviewed him.
      Well he has prophesied job promotions which have occurred, healing which has occurred also and accurately according to the words of his mouth.

  20. Anonymous says

    Kenyans after tested the wrath of God we are still obstinate,stubborn but we must remember our God will never change nor bow down to mankind.for those who are saying that the Servant of God the Prophet only prophesys doom,then i am asking tell me of any true Prophet of God who spoke of peace unless people return back to Holliness by repenting:read the story of Jeremiah He predicated disaster untill they called Him the prophet of doom.Elijah predicated calamaties to befall till the King called him the trouble maker of israel,Elisha was almost killed by the King when the prophesy of famine came to pass,in the bk of kings ,the king says that theres one Prophet of God but the problem was that he was prophesyzing only bad things,this was in relation to the Prophet of God Micaiah etc why will God send His servants to Spoke of calamaties it is bcoz of the increased sins of men,the Lord said how can i proclaim peace peace when for sure there is no peace.but remember our God is gracious Lord bcoz He gvs an exit to all this judgement for example in kenya we hv bn told that if we observe a national repentance then we will avert the judgement i think that is a gd msg.Kenyan lets not wait untill it is too late we nid repetance

    • William Makora says

      We have our chance in obeying the decree of the Lord God, our Creator; or we perish in ignorance. May God’s spirit lift us from the sludge and out of the miry bog! May He keep us in steadfast in Jehovah, Adonai!

  21. Adioz says

    Let us be careful to how we refer to this Man of God.

    PSALMS 105:15
    New International Version (©1984)
    “Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.”

    Let’s we want to put our lives to the danger of declining and facing rejection from our Creator. There is no prophet in the bible that was supported by his people.

    • William Makora says

      Adioz, God is faithful and just. He shall see the faith of the few of us and save our land. The Bible says it in 2Chronicles 7: 14-15.

  22. maina john says

    GOD warns before it happen,let us hear prophet Owuor he is man of living GOD.Kenyan let us repent,GOD is full of mercy

    • peter says

      Thank you so much sir, you are one of the few people in this generation who can survive any form of attack…. a wise man listen then, get prepared for next outcome.. since listening is better than animal fats…. thanks again..

    • William Makora says

      We can always believe in the man of God and act on the word of his warnings! If we should pray let us pray.

  23. Langat says

    There’s no doubt, Dr Owuor is prophet of God. Those who resist him ignorant of the ways of the Lord, their heart have been seared with a hot iron. Repent or else…….!

    • William Makora says

      Repentance and prayer brings salvation to a people whom God wants to save from a pending catastrophe. We can pray for forgiveness.

  24. says

    Owuor is a false prophet because he does not according to what God requires , first why must pple fall down every now and then in the name of repentance no it is not right for some body fall down in the morning, noon and even in the evening this makes him totally confused prophet who does not even know how He should lead pple to repentance. of what importance must pple fall down. some times he talks of his prophetic finger so we ask what about other puts of the body and what if that finger is choped of will he remain a prophet. The apostles who Jesus left did not have bodyguards even ELIJAH who Ahab wanted to kill did not even tried to weapon to protect himself not even a walking mate in the name of protection, We are asking why is Owuor doing all these, does it mean he is serving a different GOD from that of Elijah.His security officers are just ordinary police men, how can a holy prophet get protection from wicked policemen and remember light with darkness never rime. and if he get’s his protection from wicked policemen it means he is also like them therefore he should start falling down before he can make people fall.

    • sam says

      And i Ask you Omondi why did Jesus had to be evacuated to Egypt when King Herod sought to kill him Yet He was the son of God?,God doesn’t do His work in a vacuum,He uses the systems of the world to accomplish that which He purposed to.
      Even a kindergarten child knows that there is a True prophet in the Land and on earth as a whole.

      • William Makora says

        Omondi (or whoever you are); God knows who you are. God knows what is in your heart and what makes you talk without deep though of the words on your lips. BUT listen; God is God and man is man. What is intelligent to God is foolish to man, especially the one that is perishing. Falling to God a thousand times in a day is confusion only to a confused man. To a worshiper, it is the entire duty of man.

        Again, in comparison, not all prophets came the same way. A number of them live quite bizarre styles of life and man of your understanding would dismiss them. I wonder what you would say of Jesus whom twelve men and four women always surrounded! I also wonder what you would say on seeing disciples barring people (like Bartimaeus Son of Timaeus – Mark 10:46-52) from mobbing Him! People of your ilk cursed Jesus. The Pharisees even called Him Beelzebub in Mark 3:22. That did not change Jesus from being Messiah, Savior of all mankind and sent of God the Creator.

        My advice to you is that you listen to the word of God diligently and follow His instructions to do what He has commanded you; you will surely live rightly. Deuteronomy 28:1 says: “If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth”.

        • WILFRED says

          VERY GOOD WILLIAM. My advice to you is that you listen to the word of God diligently and follow His instructions to do what He has commanded you; you will surely live rightly. Deuteronomy 28:1 says: “If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth”.

          • says

            Whether he is a devil worshiper or not I do not know. What I know is that he urges the people of the world to repent and return to God the Creator. We need to pray for peace in this period of fear!

      • WILFRED says


        • Adioz says

          Matthew 9:34
          But the Pharisees said, “It is by the prince of demons that he drives out demons.”
          Then Jesus said, Matthew 10:25 “It is enough for the student to be like his teacher, and the servant like his master. If the head of the house has been called Beelzebub, how much more the members of his household!”

          Thank you the WILFREDS. I was almost dropping Dr. Owuor because nobody calls him Beelzebub as Jesus says those of His household will be called so!
          But now you make me trust his words even more.

    • WILFRED says


      • Nyambura says

        I would urge as many as will listen against calling the man of God a false prophet. When people said that Jesus was using the Belzebub to do miracles isoon after the Bible warns that the only sin that will not be forgiven is an insult against the Holy Spirit. Many of us do not realize that when you accuse the man of God of falsehood you are insulting the spirit he is operating under and accusing it falsely. And you may be right – but I doubt that you are. What if you are wrong? Do you want to commit the unforgivable SIN? No I always want the benefit of the mercy of God. Personally I believe Dr Owuor is a prophet of God. No one has managed to bring the presidential candidates together and in one forum got them to pledge peace in public! And could repentance ever do us any harm anyway? Why all the clamour?

    • peter says

      amen amen amen thank you.. even in current disposition of fake and blind follower there are still others who still can save the rest… God bless you…

    • William Makora says

      Thanks, Daniel! Then warning is sounded to all and sundry and we have only one option: turn to God in prayer of repentance. May God help us!

  25. says

    This is awarning which when action is taken can never ever occur.let all those pray for peace press on.let all those are planning to act in unGoldly manner be ashamed.God is there, alive,never sleeps,never eats Githeri,so if u are a human being what are YOU!!!!!

  26. Jane Alala says

    Kenyans please pray and repent as advised by the man of God. Our leaders have lead this country in the wrong direction and many of them have done evil and think that their money makes them immune to God’s judgement. Kenyans we must pray for this country. Get down on your knees and pray for Kenya.

    God Almighty I pray for your divine intervention on the affairs of this beautiful nation. Please cover Kenya with the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ so that there will be not blood shed. Let your will be done on March 4th. Father Jehovah we have sinned, please forgive us our sins. In Jesus name I pray AMEN.

    • William Makora says

      Amen! O Lord God, our Father; hear our voices for our nation, the land of Kenya. Have mercy on us. Save us from trouble. Bring us to your knowledge of kindness, o Father. We pray to you in faith.

  27. Anonymous says

    To all those who are contradicting the prophecy: The word and the laws of God are not to be discussed but followed. Follow and save your life and nation or discuss and perish.

    • William Makora says

      Thank you very much and may God bless you! The voice of the Lord is paramount. We cannot doubt it. We can only obey the call to do His will. May he help us!

  28. JOSEPH KINOTI says

    At least now we can see the real fruits of the message preached by the prophet of God, Dr Owuor. On the 11th of January 2013, a man willingly surrenders an AK47 riffle after which the prophet led him to salvation in Nakuru. Lets stop deceiving ourselves. If the message the prophet of GOD preaches can touch the hearts of men in such a way, I wonder what kind of hearts some of us calling ourselves believers have, can only be the hearts of stone that the Faithful LORD promised to replace with those of flesh, if only one is willing.

    • William Makora says

      Joseph; God is not son of man that He may lie. Whatever He purposes He does. We can turn to Him for salvaging our nation from impending ruin.

  29. Meltus George says

    Repent 4 the kingdom of God is near. Hosea 6 can help us. amen. if HIV virus listens to this tongue, y argue to fullfil the bible that some will never understand though they see with their eyes. proverbs say that when u argue with a fool u too become a fool. Wisdom.

    • William Makora says

      That is true, Meltus. We must not argue but do the will of the Lord our God. We offer our prayer for pardon and salvation. May His Holy Spirit guide us in the way of safety!

  30. says

    ooooh kenyans Jesus said "wen u c trees shedding leaves u say summer is nearing bt look at ua farms crops r ready 4 harvest" so kenyans all signs n indication r plain so lets hid 2n chronicles 7:14 lets do wat ppo of neneveh did God bless Kenya.

    • says

      Father in heaven, we beseech thee in our weaknesses; have mercy on our nation. Save us from your wrath and redeem us from trouble. Take us by your comfortable hands into safety. And keep us strong. We pray you, God! Amen.

  31. matchel murray says

    I’m surprised and ashamed by many comments. If you know you have never sinned, be the first one to cast a stone(bad mouth God’s word). God is bound by his word and the law says that the soul that sins must die. It has been the mercy of God to spare his people from destruction and death. That’s why Jesus came. We cannot lie as Kenyans and say we have not sinned. Look around you and see. From every quarter sin is prevalent. So we cannot deny it. We have fallen way, way short of the glory of God. So God has every right to do all that he has spoken. Even if he never spoke to these men of God, his word, if you read the Bible, condemns us already. It is only because he has said in His word that he will not do anything without informing his servants the prophets first that these words have reached our ears. Thank God that he is a merciful and gracious God. He has not treated us as we deserve. Ours is to admit we have sinned and everyone individually to repent. Then call for a fast as in Joel 2 and pray. Who knows, the Lord may repent and leave a blessing instead. I don’t know about you but me and my house we are already praying and fasting. I challenge us all to talk less and pray more. Rather than discourage one another or bad mouth one another, let us share what God is saying so that we may have wisdom on how to pray as one body. Together we can soar high. Remember your enemy is not the Kikuyu guy there,or the Luo man, or the Maasai, Nandi or any other person from the other tribe. Your enemy is the devil. It is not even the politician or the preacher or the chief or the judge but the devil. When we know this truth we can fight as one and we’ll be winners. Jesus prayed and said, Father, that they may be one even as we are one. As a church, when we don’t agree, whose prayer will God answer? If we all claim to be his children, does God love one church better than the other? What credit do I have so I may think that I deserve God more than my fellow Christian brother. God loves us all and his desire is that we be one. The devil on the other hand wants us to divide and that way his schemes to destroy us will succeed. Let us be wise and seek God. Even if you dont believe the prophets that have spoken, read some Bible and know for yourself that things are not OK. Fear God and repent, for your sake and that of your children and family. The devil wants Kenya destroyed but our loving and gracious God is giving us a chance to redeem our land and enter into our blessed jubilee. On our knees we have power, more power than you can ever imagine. Power to keep the enemy at bay. Be wise and act.God bless.

  32. ngothopetr@gmail.com says

    He says that if we turn our backs in holiness to him, he wil lend his ears to us, forgive us n heal our land.
    Christians is a high time we unite in prayes for our country.

    • says

      You declare by your word, o Lord God, our Father; “For I will forgive your trespasses and remember them no more”. You are full of mercy, o Father; we pray to you for mercy.

  33. okongo seth says

    Am praying to GOD that he opens kenyan’s eyes so that we can see.yes i can see the fruits of the prophet with the ministry, thanx so much.Let’s pray for the coming elect in a serious mannar its a no joke prophecy. be blessed.

    • William Makora says

      God is God and man is man! He never lies and whatever He says comes to pass. We can avoid rebellion and pray to God for forgiveness.

  34. Evan says

    God used to speak in those earlier days but how does he speak this days quitely ask ur self and ask God to direct us and forgive us we are al weeked and we need God’ mercy

  35. says

    may inform those are following the self declared prophet to read the bible so that the can know what it requires to be a prophet of God, I see some like WILFRED who are referring me to Deuteronomy 28:1 which talks of carefully keeping Gods Commandment QUIS? Do Owuor and his followeres carefully keep the commandments as they are indicated in the EXODUS 20:1……….. OR as in Deuteronomy 5:5-21 if he is not carefully keeping then read 1john 2:4 and I quot if a person say he is a man of GOD and he does not keep GODS commandments the He is a lair/ deceiver so put Owuor on the weighing machine which is the Ten commandments of God and you will find him a liar as per the bible.

    • William Makora says

      Omondi, even after God gave the commandments quoted in Deuteronomy and Exodus, He still talked to people through prophets and His Son, Jesus Christ:

      “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” ~John 13:34-35 (NIV)~

      Jesus answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” ~Luke 10:27~

      Jesus said: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. 14 You are my friends if you do what I command you. 15 No longer do I call you servants,[a] for the servant[b] does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you. ~John 15:12-15 (ESV)~

      Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here! ~2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)~

    • William Makora says

      Prophet Dr. Owuor as a man of God cannot be understood in accordance with denominational doctrines like “Is he a Sabbath observer or not?” etc. Even Jesus Christ encountered such human ignorance decked in robes of religious doctrines like in His encounter with a Samaritan woman (John 4:1-27), the Pharisees (Mark 3:1-6), (Mark 2:27), etc.

  36. MrBob says

    To the confused born-again Christians who are able to read this, the Prophet of the Lord is a conveyance medium of the Lord to the Church, just like the microphone and its User is to the listeners. Listen to him and you will not be left behind. To reject him is to reject the one who sent him to us. Only the spirit will be able to reveal to you how serious the matter at hand is.

    Fellow Christian.

  37. omondi says

    william don not talk of ignorance where it is not required, it is a mater of quoting verses mark you nobody is already in Heaven, All are still on the move including the so self declared prophet. You have quoted the book of Luke 10:27 where Jesus himself summarized the Ten commandments and don’t you know that when Jesus said first love God with all your heart he refers to the first four commands and when He talk of love your neighbor as you love your He refers to last six commands hence He say in the book of Mathew 5: 17 and tell me why you want do away with yet Jesus say it is easy for the heaven and earth to pass but not the law of GOD, and He say even a jot will not be done away with, so who are you or owuor is who to eliminate the fourth commandment my dear explain yourself using the scriptures.

  38. says

    It is upon human beings to choose and not to be led to believe that the power of choice is in another's persons hand and not theirs. God has given us free will and in HIM we trust and pray. Kenya is a peaceful country and such discussions as above only bring fear… this is where the devil dwells …. in fear….

    • Anonymous says

      Wangu Wa Kiome; God see deeper than you and I do. It is His will that we pray for peace and safety. We can also repent for every sin in our hearts.

  39. joseph says

    i dont want to support or oppose this prophesy but all in all let all appeal to God to make this election peacefully and a successful one.

    • Anonymous says

      God has spoken about it, Joseph. If you do it because God has spoken, it shall mean you honour Him. However we can always pray for peace for it is a good thing to do.

  40. FRED says

    May the LORD have mercy. The same mouth of the prophet spoke about the haiti earthquake that was fulfilled accurately and recently spoke of a nation attacking another with fighter jets, this has also been fulfilled in a record one week, if not the Spirit of the Lord no one can predict such terrible events and dare go public about them. I remember the LORD GOD has always stressed that all these distresses are closely tied to the coming of JESUS CHRIST-The Messiah for a holy people, this is the ultimate reason i am a christian-that i may go with JESUS when HE comes. Please let us heed to every, i say every word that comes from the mouth of the prophet Dr David Owuor, and live by them that we may inherit the holy Kingdom of GOD at the end of it all. it is to our benefit that he accepted to be sent to shout, repent! repent! repent! the Messiah is coming. and again there is no harm/no loss in being in the right standing with GOD even if Jesus tarries abit, for He shall come like a thief…the day no one knows!

  41. matchel murray says

    It is not whether Dr Owuor is a prophet or not. It is about prayer for our nation. That’s our focus. Those who are into digging into other people’s lives have nothing of value to deliver. They search the scriptures for a word to use against men of God. They take the word out of context to use it for error. To them there trully isn’t a true man of God and I bet even their own pastors are not men of God in their eyes because they did this or the other or missed on one point or another. It is expected of them to do just that, critisize, for the purpose of annoyance. Bravo to Dr Owuor. May he and all other men and women of God continue informing us what God is saying. If he, the DR, happens to read this, may he encouraged because he is not the only one facing persecution. Jesus did, and so did Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and the prophets of old and the apostles. Through it all they endured and we know they recieved their due. If some of us were in the time of Moses, we’d be among those that were swallowed up by the earth, if during the time of Elijah, we’d be eating at Ahab’s table and washing Jezebel’s toe nails, if in the time of Jesus, we’d be far-u-see or the sad-u-see (Pharisee and the Saddusee) because we are always looking for a mistake in men of God. But this is not our calling folks. Ours is above and much more noble, that is, to stand in the gap. I’ll not be surprised if we have a peaceful time of elections beause we prayed and the same critics start again to demean the men of God saying that they are fake. I’ll say it upfront before they do that, when Jonah warned the Ninevites,they did not argue with him, but they went on their knees and prayed and God relented and did no destroy. So critics, do your work and we’ll do ours. You don’t have to pray, in fact we do not want you to. We can do it all by ourselves. Those on the Lord’s side, do not stop, give God no rest, till he establishes, till he makes Kenya a praise, till we see change in our land and our people redeemed.
    As for the critics, what is there to say? The choice is yours.
    God bless.

  42. Belinda Oketch says

    May God forgive and protect US.I hope People learnt from last time and wont fight going to fight against each other coz the politicians will be safe si kama ski wananchi

  43. says

    kenya we have to humble ourselfs and seek the face of GOD its written in the holy book “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn against their wicked ways i will forgive them and heal their land”

  44. voke says

    david mfalme there seems to be alot of opposition and written vexation towards what i believe is your opinion, but let me say that Jesus Loves you that is why he died for us. about prophets, in deutronomy it is listed on how you can identify false prophets. i tell people to just try the love of Christ weather you are a sinner or not and it is us as christians who should potray that. i apologise on behalf of my christian brothers who seem vexed by by your opinion, but just know that Jesus loves you and wants you to be part of him, there is no forcing you and that is the true gospel

    • says

      May the Lord God help us so that we may peacefully conduct this lethal elections.[those who still doubt Owuor’s prophecy may you help them to believe so that they may not perish LORD.show them enough evidence that Owuor is truly your messenger]

  45. HELLEN says

    Imagine they have rejected the window of repentance again,and decided to take this beautiful country to destruction!can guess how much the Holy spirit is grieved and how the wrath of God is going to pour,lets cry to the Lord for mercy.And ENSURE that we are among the oil and the wine church talked of in Rv.6:6.Read the book of Luke21v34-36.These things must come to pass as it is part of the fulfillment of the scriptures.

  46. says

    No! I strongly argue Kenyans to absolutely refrain from the violent that erupted during the 2007/08’s election. I’m not actually a bonafid Kenyans but i consider myself like a citizen since my studies have forced me to live in Kenya for more than 6 yrs. I’m an expatriate to this nation & currently a 2nd year student in one of the institutions in Nakuru.
    I witness the whole 07/08 demo as a dozens of people immensely suffered in the fast election, leaving me with a vivid memories of how people & items were born to ashes. I can predominantly refer back to the 21st of January, 2008 when i was leaving Eldoret for Nakuru. I would never be excited with the drastic burning of Molo buildings which were all exemplified by the standing of concrete walls with no roofs as the smoke make its ways out of the building’s black remains. Is that a kind of Kenya that you need? A nation of unrest? Come on people. I’m not a Kenyans as i have abundantly stipulated above but i truly sympathise for the lost concured in the last election. We’re all siblings in a God’s eyes & we need to love ourselves and shun all these tribal segregations which are accentuated by your leaders. Kenya has been there before you were born and it will be pathetic if you giganticly land it in such devastating mess.
    Please turn to God & he’ll surely restore PEACE in your door-steps. Kenya alone is not only a home to Kenyans but some aliens who have come for different objectives & even if it was only Kenyans who were solidarily residing in Kenya. I don’t think whether there would be any person that would ever smile when neighbours are fighting.
    Please seek for the Almight God’s intervention and he will not forsake you. You also doesn’t need to undermind Dr. Owuor’s prophecies because who knows? Perhap he was instructed on how to update Kenyans on their prosperity’s determinate through the casting of ballot papers.


    Siddaw (from Nakuru).

  47. Hellen says

    Glory be to God!our prayer has been answered,we are now going to have a National Repentance and reconciliation on 24/02/2013 at Uhuru Park,come let us return this beautiful country to the Lord and we will see the fruit of Repentance come March 4th 2013.Read the book of Joel 2:12-13.May God bless Kenya.Amen.

  48. Daniel Masenge says

    In every country God has a pointed a prophet who tells the people of God what God is saying. Kenya is a beloved country, God Loves Kenya and this is why he is calling people to repentance, through prayer and fasting. Almighty God I repent on behalf of this Nation to repentance, ”whatever sin we have committed before you as a Nation forgive us ooh lord, have mercy on us lord, let your mercy prevail on us, Gide us as people to know you lord and do the right thing, in this election time help us to love one another and give us wisdom to vote wisely in peace, love and unity. I cover this Nation by the blood of Jesus,thank-you lord Jesus, for it is in JESUS Name i pray Amen”. No evil shall befall us no darkness shall come nigh our dwelling in Jesus name i pray Amen. I will personally stand on the Gap to pray for this Nation, The people, leadership, and election.

  49. Ambrose says

    I am happy and thank God for the Uhuru Park Repentance meeting scheduled for 24th February. I wish it could happen sooner!We can take advantage of such a beautiful window. Amen!

  50. Anonymous says

    God our creater have mercy on u,We have sinned against you for so many years,we humbly pray for your forgiveness and ask for your guidance,wisdom and obidience.And may you bind us with one love as your loving family regardless of colour,ethnicity and protect us from every animosity.amen

  51. Anonymous says

    Leaders please lead kenyans in praying and fasting,on the two days before the election.Every kenyan please let us fast on the two days.GOD BLESS KENYA.

  52. GRACE MATENGO says

    I pray that the Lord of peace and understanding shall keep us safe during this period.
    The bible says that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Holy Spirit will raise A standard against his schemes. Cause your face to shine upon us, oh Lord God Almighty’ May u hide us under the shadow of your wings. May u protect the borders,every family, every soul that’s alive in this country by your precious blood that speaks of a better covenant than that of Abel, the blood that has redeemed us back to you, the blood that overcometh satan and his works. In Jesus Holy Name! AMEN!

    Lord we recon that we have sinned. against you alone oh Lord have we sinned. Forgive us oh Lord! For u alone can have mercy on us. You planted us in this country at such a time as this, for a reason and a purpose. May your purpose be fulfilled in our lives.Forgive us loving Father, in Jesus Name, AMEN!

  53. David Tumwine says

    "Dear Lord, I pray that you will not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions. Please think of me according to Your mercy and for Your goodness' sake, O LORD. Lord I turn from all of those sins that I committed and I ask for Your help in washing the memory and thoughts of that sin completely from my mind. Please restore me to faithful obedience to Your Word, and fill me with Your Holy Spirit anew, so that I may keep Your commands all the days of my life."(this is not only to Kenya but the world at large).

  54. Joseph muli aka camara says

    …plz Kenyans lets turn up n fast,Jesus Himself fasted,prayer is te only weapon dat God gav us,if wi ignore Gods words,He wil punish n curse..lts tej a step…AMEN

  55. Joseph muli aka camara says

    …Dear Heavenly Father,i repent all ma sins,4gv alzo ma felo Kenyans…te Bible sei wateva wi prei in te Mighty Jesus Name havin faith in Him shall b gven 2 us,i hearby prei repentance of ma n felo Kenyans sins n Peace,Love n Unity afta te general elections,please ma God wateva hapend in 08,i prei so dat it mai nt hapen again,i brk all curses,plans of te devil,sheddin of blood n killins in Mighty Name of Jesus Christ,gv us a leader of ua choice,lt us elect bt u select te perfect one,i bliv n trust in u Son of God….

    • says

      Yesterday's heeding of the call by God through Prophet Dr. Owuor by leaders and huge attendance by the people of Kenya is a clear indication that we are a conscious nation, ready for enduring peace!

  56. Chief says

    This maan call DR Owour is a liar and a prophet of doom . He only talsk of bad things. what are the good things about Kenya. Why is he always talking about reverge mission, our God is a forgiving God.
    I also know people who have followed this man , have has their families broken.
    In addition whenever this man has any crusade , many people travelling to attend it gets accidents why?

    Followers of this man are also crazy and totally blind.
    May God almighty save his people.

    • Anonymous says


  57. says

    I accept we want peace but not the one which cometh from owuor, he might take our problem as an excuse to exercise his demonic powers just like the case of Jesus after fasting for 40 days, satan wanted to us his hunger to exercise his authority but Jesus refused him (satan), so there is no any way owuor can call people to repent before him repenting first. nothing lets not give him attention but we only study the bible diligently and do as paul said in 1corrinthians 11:1 …. that we follow only the deeds off Christ and Christ alone. OTHERWISE THANK YOU ALFRED FOR SHADING THE LIGHT IN THIS VERY THICK DARKNESS WHICH OWUOR IS LEADING.

  58. Samuel B. B. says

    Just perusing through the comments by the various authors, I discern that there is fear among the people looking after the things coming upon the face of the earth. First let me say events are made clear by prophecy. 1Cor. 2:13- He that is spiritual judgeth all things and he himself is judged of no man. While Awuor is not a scriptural prophet, the judgements that will come upon the face of the earth and Kenya were spoken afore in the bible. Baalam’s prophecies were exactly God given but he didn’t cooperate with the whole word and thus was numbered with Cain and Kore as a gainsayer and a greedy fellow. Baalam looked a good man in the sight of the people but his way were perverse in the sight of God. Read on Baalam in Numbers chapters 22-26, chapter 31; Micah 6:4-8; 2 Peter 2:13-16;Jude 1:11; Rev. 2:12-14. The reason the earth will be devoured with the curse of Malachi 4:6 is because its inhabitants have defiled it, changed the laws and broken the everlasting covenant (Isaiah 24:6 read the whole chapter). True Christianity must display the token of holiness, righteousneth, love and faith from a pure conscience. The Christian that abides in Jesus Christ will walk like him and be like him (1 John 2:5-6; 4:17;Romans 9:28-30), the true Christian is his written epistle, his gospel, the word made to be read of all men. God interprates the bible in the life of true believer that has attain unto the measure of the fulness of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-15). Christianity calls for a total commitment to God, a death to self and our carnal thoughts, death to our ways upon the altar of God’s sacrifice made for the atonement of our sins. Christendom today has miscontrued grace. The first work of grace is justification by faith in the finished work at the cross of calvary, the second word of grace is to deliver the repentant sinner from bondage to sin, purge him by the fire of the Holy Spirit to sanctify him as a vessel for God to dwell. The third work is God coming the throne of the heart and soul of the belhever to guide and to have preeminences in his thinking, actions and speech, bringing him under the dominion of grace. Under the dominion of grace its not you living but Christ living in you. Today we see the sign of judgement in all the so called denomination. The people and the churches are filled with their own ways. The churches have failed to be pillars and ground for the truth. They have failed to be the salt of the world; the churches have been plagued with worldiness, committed fornication with the world. She has failed in her sacred trust of womanhood, motherhood and virtue to bring up children in the image of her husband the word of God. She was given a sacred trust to bear children of the incorruptible seed of the word. Instead she has begotten children that are thieves, corrupt, liars, blasphemers, opressors, perverters of righteousness, all kinds of evil doers. Today the earth languishes in pain because of opression and injustice. She has made the whole earth to drink the cup of wrath of her fornication. She commits adultery with the kings of the earth. She has caused abominations to multiply upon the face of the earth. The land spued the inhabitants of Caanan because their abominations (Leviticus 18:24-30). Is it strange that Jeremiah 25:27-38; Zephaniah 1, Isaiah c.24; c. 2:6-22 and other scriptures will be fulfilled in this thy day in which you didn’t recognise your day and its message; instead you walked in wantoness and refused correction? True repentance must show its token by bearing fruit meet for repentance, otherwise the axe is laid to the root of every tree that does not bring good fruit. God will destroy those who destroy the earth, your own sins will reprove you, God cannot be mocked

  59. says

    God is faithful and His mercies endure forever. If we repent and turn away from our sins, He will forgive our sins and heal our land. The Lord speaks through His prophet and we have to obey the word of God. May His name be exalted.

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