Update: Kidero slaps Shebesh after hit under the belt

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero got a rare backing from supporters when they told him CATEGORICALLY not apologize over this afternoon’s scuffle in his office where TNA women’s representative Rachel Shebesh led striking city council workers to storm his work.

In a video widely distributed online, the governor is seen cajoling the flabby cheeck of Shebesh at the entrance of his office. Shebesh has since recorded statement at Parliament police station.

Governor Kidero lost his cool while listening to the woman (Shebesh) who seemed to have been yelling at him. Shebesh, being herself a leader ought to have understood the reasons why workers of Nairobi cannot have a pay increase at a time when even the national government has stopped all salary reviews.

By Kidero denying that he has no recollection of slapping Shebesh, he is simply protecting Shebesh, he should tell the full story if indeed Shebesh hit him, it is obvious the good governor only reacted in self defense if at all he did slap the fat 49 year old woman from Kiambu.

Meanwhile majority of Kenyans feel nothing for hon Shebesh as she is known for her goonish, she has had a rough past with prominent personalities, she has decorum, she once had issues with Ida Odinga and during Uhuru’s swearing in she was allegedly thrown out of statehouse by Uhuru’s mum former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Shebesh has been allegedly linked to a child custody tussle and involvement with a young man.

Kidero should walk tall, no apologies for that which did not happen, it is a fact if Shebesh tried storming State house with goons behind her to protest over anything she would be shot!.

Kidero has been urged to slap her twice should she return. Frills.