Uhuru to Sack Treasury CS Rotich in mini reshuffle, Eddie Njoroge, Mwangi Equity to Join Cabinet

President Uhuru is said to have had enough of lethargy from his team at the national Treasury headed by CS Henry Rotich and PS Dr Kamau Thugge.

Uhuru is said to be angry with CS Rotich mainly for being laid back and not able to explain government policy. Statehouse operatives are said to have pushed Uhuru to take action saying Rotich is FATIGUED, he is tired, appears sleepy and not convincing enough to Kenyans and also the bilateral partners on matters economic policy.

Uhuru has made up his mind, he will kick out the CS, our source however indicates that the president is not sure what to do with PS Dr Thugge, but chances are he will also make a mini reshuffle to effect changes for a better fiscal management and articulation of issues.

A powerful statehouse operative is said to be lobbying for the Kipipiri MP Hon Amos Kimunya to head the Treasury while the other is pushing the president to do a reshuffle that will see Adan Mohammed move d from East Africa Community and Northern Corridor to Treasury and Esther Koimet to be moved from Transport to take over as PS Treasury.

The sacking will definitely trigger a mini reshuffle with Uhuru considering handing over the Agriculture docket to someone from North Rift and getting somebody from Central to head the treasury. There are rumours that James Mwangi and Dr Eddie Njoroge have been approached to join the cabinet to help Uhuru deliver his Legacy. Eddie Njoroge is a humble yet highly technical with a good helicopter view of government, he served as MD of KenGen during Mzee Kibaki’s era. If Eddie Njoroge agrees then he is likely to take over the Energy docket, meaning CS Keter will be out with his network of Rift Valley boys who have been accused of eating too much in KPC and KPC

Rotich has survived in cabinet mainly due to his personal friendship with the president and also for being user friendly, he is one guy who can be summoned by Statehouse operatives and run like he is going for a medal without questioning the reasons thereof. In the late 90s under Mzee Moi the then Finance Minister Hon Simeon Nyachae was categorical when he told Moi off and went public telling the wananchi that the government was broke.

Rotich’s tenure at the Treasury can be equated to that Dr Francis Yekoyada Masakhalia who served in mid 90s under Moi.

Uhuru also once served as Finance Minister during the Kibaki II cabinet, he equally performed poorly but had strong backing of a technical team and Mzee Kibaki was hands on

There is a backlash on the Treasury team headed by Rotich and Thugge something also to do with their background at IMF. Treasury top 5 guys worked at the IMF including Central Bank Governor Opus Dei Patrick Njoroge and also Geoffrey Mwau, the director general for budget, financial and economic affairs, worked for IMF.

Uhuru is said to have no intentions of consulting with DP Ruto as he is the one legally mandated to appoint cabinet ministers- kitaeleweka?