Uhuru Embarrassed Flying Home From China As Economy Collapses, Kikuyus Regret Voting Incompetent Fraud

There are rumours doing rounds that Uhuru is embarrassed to face Kenyans on exactly what is happening in matters economy, how he plans to address the fast rising cost of living.

The president has been advised to cut spending and also slow down borrowing, meaning his BIG FOUR AGENDA is just but a mirage. Uhuru is said to be considering going underground and only resurface when things get better.

Meanwhile here is a memo to his Mt Kenya backyard;

Dear Kenyans, kindly take note that I will not share in the collective guilt you’re trying to push on me. “Choices have consequences, we were told and we never listened, and now we’re paying for it,” you say. Correction: I listened and acted accordingly. You didn’t and now I’m forced to pay for your stupidity. What happened in 2013, and was repeated on a larger scale in 2017, wasn’t democracy. It was a blatant rape of our system as idiots like you cheered on and there’s no way you’re going to argue that we share collectively in making things as they’re now. So, if we were on opposite sides in 2017, fuck y’all! Do your whining in the privacy of your bedroom and do not attempt to enjoin me. Hatuko pamoja!!!!

Meanwhile Silas Nyanchwani says :

”Guys, you are allowed to block, delete (even from your life) anyone who still thinks Raila is the problem in the country. Not because Raila is perfect. But Kenya has 99 problems, and Raila is the least of our problems.

So anyone who wants to blame him for anything, especially about the choices we have made in the last two elections, BLOCK him/her”.

To which Ndegwa Wa Kaniaru says : As one who supported UK, I agree that he takes the blame for messing up everything including the sacred unga

And Arap Doyo concludes: Even those who praised the massive government external borrowing in the name of “infrastructural development” sijui saying US has this level of debt, Japan has this..blah blah to the extent of quoting statistics are now shouting at the top of their voices on the hiked petrol prices – an IMF conditionality.

David Ndii was castigated as an agent of the opposition when he began warning of impeding consequences as far as 2016. Here we are now.

I hope the Government shall spare them the burden.