”Uhuru Did Not Give DP Ruto Money To Buy Goats, Let Him Explain Source Of Sh10Million He Carried In Cash”- Statehouse Operative Complains

A Top statehouse operative has this evening dismissed as propaganda news that President Uhuru had sent DP Ruto buy 100 goats at the Kajiado County goat auction where the DP shocked residents with a 10Million Cash payout that was carried in backpack bags.

“Let him explain his 10million cash and not project it on President Uhuru, why carry such kind of money in cash in the first place, please ask him also in which bank he withdraws his millions that he donates every week at harambees”– Statehouse operative complained

The powerful statehouse seemed angered by the move by DP Ruto to parade the president’s name as debate on rise of fuel levy due to increased 16% VAT raged online, many Kenyans including opposition leader have questioned Ruto’s bottomless source of money that he donates to harambees every other week.

Last week there were reports that a powerful aide of a top Jubilee politician (alleged to be Ruto) was busted by DCI sleuths with 750million in a house in Karen.

At the goat auction in Kajiado county on Monday the Ruto bought 1,400 goats collectively valued at Ksh.10 million, the auction was organized by the county government.

Mr. Ruto said the goats belonged to him and President Uhuru Kenyatta with each giving Ksh.5 million each for 700 goats.

“Mdosi wangu anaitwa Uhuru Kenyatta; rais wa Jamhuri ya Kenya. Na wale mnaojua, ako na dunia kubwa ya kulisha. So, mdosi ameniambia nimnunulie mbuzi mia saba. Hiyo ni shilingi millioni tano. Si ni namna hiyo?” said DP Ruto. (My boss is called Uhuru Kenyatta; the President of the Republic of Kenya. And for those who know, such a post comes with a lot of responsibility, he has the whole of Kenya to feed. So, the boss has asked me to buy him 700 goats; that would cost him Ksh.5 million. Isn’t it?)

“Na mimi, kama mtu yake ya mkono, nanunua mbuzi mia saba; na hiyo ni shilingi millioni tano.” (and being his handyman, I also buy an equivalent number of goats at the same price).

The remarks by the statehouse operative ofcourse is not the official statehouse reaction but pundits indicated that its something to watch out moving out given the power held by the operative who was once an MP in Mt Kenya region.