EXPOSED: The Useless Gusii Leaders Conning DP Ruto WHILE Running Uhuru/Raila/Matiang’i Errands

By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka The Banana Peddler

I once said, and I dare repeat that Gusiiland has some of the most useless leaders in this country. All these cowards are children of greed and corruption. Their way of leadership is totally out of character with some of the heroic leaders my motherland has produced in the past. I must point out that they may be politicians elected by the people but that does not make them leaders.

These sons of corruption (MPs) from Gusiiland especially those of Nyamira are the most hypocritical and greedy cowards. They hang around and con DP Ruto during the day but snooze with Matiangi at night. We all saw what happened at the funeral harambee of Nyagarama’s son Ndemo. Uhuru men delivered his Sh2m contribution on behalf of the President while the so-called friends of DP Ruto delivered nothing on behalf of the man they pretend to so love from the bottom of their hearts. Even during the funeral at Kijauri they talked trash about DP albeit indirectly. The only sincere MP from Gusiiland although I hate him is my Kitutu Chache North’s Jimmy Angwenyi. He belongs in Uhuru and Matiangi camp and does not cheat the DP. . In reality the MPs are ashamed of being associated with Ruto on ground, but why? like nobody was couragious enough to bring donation from DP Ruto- maajabu! All other leaders including Kakonzo, Wetangula, Raila, Muturi , all governors , all senators etc sent a contribution

After elections, these beings never stick to development and the well being of Omogusii. Rather, they descend on the arena of clannish partisanship. They distribute the minimal development to some clans and avoid those that they think did not vote for them. They are biased, sadistic and utterly hateful. The children of yesterday might not know how correct my aspersions are, but if you have been around for some time to witness the past leadership, you know what I am saying. Nevertheless, I stand in for my people.

Corruption and underdevelopment are intertwined. No county can succeed under the tutelage of corrupt people. Gusii leaders are masters at perfection of the art of corruption and deception. It has become a norm. Poor leadership is a sign that my motherland Gusii is currently being plagued with endless generic sins and contradictions. The problems of Gusiiland are intertwined: spiritual and man-made. It is terribly sickening. I’d advise these Gusii leaders to visit Nairobi and see learn some development lessons from H.E. Governor Mike Sonko and Makueni governor H.E. Professor Kivutha Kibwana.

Mwanyagetinge should buckle up because the road ahead is rough if we continue to thread in this kind of leadership. Elected members from Gusiiland especially MPs are doing absolutely nothing to justify the ridiculous jumbo salaries and allowances they take home. These are the people we pay to do nothing because even the developmental kitties allocated to these nomenclatures of corrupt Waheshimiwa are looted blue. All the pieces of advice directed at these children of corruption by experts and well wishers like myself, sink on deaf ears. Sadly, some greedy citizens and their leaders have entered symbiotic relationship.

Sometimes I look at the kind of leaders we have in Kisii and tend to think my community is under a spell. Our so called leaders don’t seem to understand the meaning of leadership. These weird descendants squander and fail at every available opportunity to rewrite the ugly history of their generation. Through their clans, they thrive in divide and rule system of leadership. You will not be elected because you are a good leader from the “wrong” clan. That is why we are not respected nationally. No one takes us seriously because unlike Kikuyus and Luos, we never speak in one voice. We are an idiotic generation. A gnashing question therefore begs “Will these con men and opportunists masquerading as leaders lead us to the Promised Land?”

As I pen this, these Gusii creatures of God have never put their heads together even to pretend that they are discussing Don Bosco Gichana, one of their own sons anguishing in a Tanzanian prison without trial. When Hon Simba Arati mentioned it to them, they dispersed like hungry primary school pupils who’ve hard the lunch break bell.

But also, the Kisii youths are to blame for failed leadership. These young Kisiis wanton in intellectual catacomb and they lack every sense of history. As Professor Wole Soyinka aptly described them, they’re the nattering nit-wits of the internet who lack every sense of decency and potent minds to discern the terrific intellectual property. These sniveling upstarts are intellectually lazy to read beyond the pages of the junk tabloids. They keep recycling ancestors by electing them every election year. These creatures seem not to understand the meaning of democracy.

Kisii youths are too pedestrian in their thought process; moonlighting as in idiotic tasks like being thugs for politicians where they are rewarded with handouts. History may be unkind to this group of funny people if they refuse to take excursion to Soyinka’s antecedents, if at all they read him. Otherwise the way they are brainwashed by these politicians of yesterday, goes beyond intellectual travesty.

I hear that Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi has hired a bunch of criminals to attack hon Simba Arati’s supporters. The absurdity with Maangi’s action is that he is acting cowardly. I want to warn Maangi to be careful and eschew engaging thugs when fighting Arati. Arati and Maangi are incomparable. In my opinion – Although I don’t support violence, –if the two were to be placed side by side and engage in dirty politics, Maangi would suffer. In case it has escaped Maangi’s notice, Arati has thrived in more competitive and thuggish politics. He is MP for Dagoretti North, a constituency full of dangerous thugs all of whom are allegiant to him. Therefore, if he manages to convince the criminals of Nairobi to follow him, what about Gusii politics?

Anyway I don’t encourage dirty politics. But by hiring criminals to disrupt hon Arati’s meetings, Maangi is trading on a very dangerous ground. He is navigating on an unpadornable sea. That is one dangerous path he may end up regretting taking because the Gusii spokesman is not a small boy to toy around with. He commands support across Gusiiland. On the other hand, Maangi has never contested even for MCA seat. But that’s beside the point.

There are a few fools who think they own Gusii land and they want to stay in leadership until death does them part. Because they are too primitive to practice democracy, they have rendered our democracy too primitive. Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as “the government of the people by the people and for the people.” The truism is that those few crooked leaders want to make Kisii and Nyamira “County governments of the fools, by the fools and for some fools”

If you go to Gusiiland and ask randomly for people to name Gusii MPs they know and the constituencies they represent, they’ll hardly name four. Why, one may ask, because our honourable Members are the mutest humans in the National Assembly except for Simba Arati who is not included in this case because he was elected outside Gusiiland. Personally I know four only. As I said earlier, these honourable beings operate as if they are under a curse. They rarely speak in one voice. Everyone pulls on his side as long as they aggrandize wealth.

It is sad to point out that the past of our people belongs to the politicians who rigged, manipulated and wasted their generation to remain in power. In order to redeem our blessed motherland Gusii, our youth must learn to detach themselves from the claws of recalcitrant politicians like my Member of Parliament Jimmy Angwenyi who have refused to retire from politics. The bright futures can only but belong to them only if they don’t allow senile and lazy politicians to come back to power. 2022 is not far; let it be a sweeping year of reform. They must go for young and fearless leaders with unfettered dreams and imagination for the populace.

As 2022 approaches, Gusii youths must start searching for young men and women between 25 and 50 years of age with audacity, fearlessness, knowledge, intelligence, resilience, vision, wisdom and politically astute candidates to replace the current cabbages at parliament, MCA gubernatorial, Women Representatives and Senate levels. For governor Ongwae, I am informed he has done a good job while Nyagarama in Nyamira is struggling. Physically, we are the most over-represented but in intellectual acuity , we are the most under-represented. Otherwise, our motherland will bleed to death in the hands of thugs masquerading ass leaders.

(The writer sells bananas on the streets of Kisii town)


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