‘Stop Sleeping with Relatives or Else!” Catholic Priest Warns Ababu Namwamba

The alleged recent case of Ababu Namwamba’s wife discovering he was living with her niece is not the first time the former Budalangi MP has been accused of having affairs with close family.

Elders from Ababu’s village, including his relatives and a Catholic priest had previously told The Nairobian that the affairs have strained relations in the former parliamentarian’s immediate and extended family.

Fr David Olusi, The Port Victoria Catholic Church cleric who grew in the same village as Ababu, said the affairs include sexual relations with very close family members and that he even impregnated his watchman’s daughter.

Accusations against Ababu stretched back to when he was a secondary school student to his days as a law student at the University of Nairobi in 1995.

Ababu’s first wife allegedly left him because of the affair with Prisca Mwaro (but has also since moved out).

By then, Prisca had just completed high school at St Cecilia Namenye Girls High School.

That was in 2009, but by 2014 elders were being called to intervene when one of the partners was accused of straying.

Fr Olusi of Port Victoria Catholic Church stated that, “As a priest, I have heard these things about Ababu. When I went to Rome for studies and kept on hearing these things, I wrote about it on social media and asked Catholics not to vote for such people.

“Leaders should not get involved in such things like impregnating girls, and leaving their children everywhere. Society must condemn such acts.”

Fr Olusi added: “I know he impregnated his watchman’s daughter. There are so many kids out there. This type of immorality must be condemned.”

Ababu’s cousin Johnson Wasimba said he is aware of accusations against Ababu and that the family had given up.

“He won’t listen to us. The only person he can listen to is the president. So many bad things have happened and we can’t condone them anymore. I have daughters in university, and never in my life did I think I would tell my children to avoid their uncle.

“But yes, I have warned my daughters to avoid Ababu. People are afraid to speak about these things yet they know it’s wrong. They are afraid because they are poor and suffering, and expect Ababu to bail them out.”

Wasimba added that: “Ababu is a sharp young man and we love him dearly. He has leadership qualities that can change our village, but we need to point out the truth and tell him that he is heading the wrong way.

“If he changes his ways, the entire community can benefit from his leadership,” said Wasimba.