Question DP Ruto Cannot Answer: In Which Bank Do You Withdraw Sh10Million Cash To Take To Harambee? How Much Billions Do You have In Your House?

Deputy President William Ruto on Monday morning bought 1,400 goats collectively valued at Ksh.10 million at a goat auction in Kajiado County.

Biggest question:

1. From which bank does he withdraw about sh50million that he donates in harambees every week?

2. If he doesn’t withdraw from a bank then how much in billions does he have in his house/office and what is the source?

3. Is his house a branch of Central Bank? may be DPP and NIS/DCI should explore if there are any crimes being committed by the DP by carrying around millions of cash in bags

Anyway back to the auction, Mr. Ruto said the goats belonged to him and President Uhuru Kenyatta with each giving Ksh.5 million each for 700 goats, really? ok somebody in Statehouse please confirm that a driver was sent to deliver 5m to Ruto to go buy goats for Uhuru…

One goat went for Ksh7, 500 at the auction. There were 3,410 goats up for sale.

“Mdosi wangu anaitwa Uhuru Kenyatta; rais wa Jamhuri ya Kenya. Na wale mnaojua, ako na dunia kubwa ya kulisha. So, mdosi ameniambia nimnunulie mbuzi mia saba. Hiyo ni shilingi millioni tano. Si ni namna hiyo?” said DP Ruto. (My boss is called Uhuru Kenyatta; the President of the Republic of Kenya. And for those who know, such a post comes with a lot of responsibility, he has the whole of Kenya to feed. So, the boss has asked me to buy him 700 goats; that would cost him Ksh.5 million. Isn’t it?)

“Na mimi, kama mtu yake ya mkono, nanunua mbuzi mia saba; na hiyo ni shilingi millioni tano.” (and being his handyman, I also buy an equivalent number of goats at the same price).

Mr Ruto had one his handlers bring the backpack containing the money and handed it over to the host governor Joseph Ole Lenku.

“Take the money, I do not want any case filed against me,” Mr Ruto told Mr Lenku.

DP William Ruto carried Ksh.10 million to Kajiado goat auction on Monday, September 3; and handed it over to Ole Lenku the organizer who is also the Kajiado county governor.

Mr Lenku bought 100 goats for Ksh.750,000. The Kajiado County Assembly bought goats valued at Ksh.1 million.

Narok Governor Samuel Ole Tunai, who bought 100 goats for Ksh.750,0000, was among the prominent people who bought goats at the auction.

The proceeds of the auction will go toward benefiting the welfare of Kajiado residents.

Last year December, the DP spent a staggering Ksh.12 million for 1,000 goats at the annual Kimalel goat auction in Baringo County. Each got was valued at Ksh12,000.

Mr. Ruto walked into the auction with the millions in a brown suitcase and put it next to himself. When the auctioneers and the goat farmers tried to figure out where the KSh.12 million was going to come from, the DP pointed at the suitcase saying: “Chukua hiyo bag, kuna 12 million hapo ndani.” (Take that bag, there’s 12 million inside.)

Mr Ruto said the Ksh.12 million was a collective contribution by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter, Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen, his (DP Ruto) friends among others, who collectively wanted 1,000 goats for their Christmas celebrations.