‘My Eyes Are on You’- President Uhuru Tells Maraga Led Judiciary over Corruption Crackdown

President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured the Judiciary of his full support in their endeavor to bring justice for Kenyans by prosecuting the graft suspects.

On Thursday he told BBC’s Zainabu Badawi: “Corruption suspects have been arraigned before court, we are ready to support our Judiciary, in whatever manner that they desire as an independent institution, to ensure they (corruption suspects) are prosecuted and justice served”.

He maintained that the Judiciary was now on the spotlight and urged the courts to expeditiously process the cases before them and convict the suspects.

“This (graft war) is something that I am committed to and I intend to leave as my legacy,” he said in the no-holds-barred Hardtalk television interview. Uhuru said the fight against corruption and transparency was to ensure that the nation’s resources are used in the best interests of the people of the republic.

He made it made it clear he was committed to the anti-graft fight and supported the State multi-agency graft-busting effort that brings together the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), the EACC and other security agencies.

“My focus is now on courts so that Kenyans realise the age of impunity is over.” In reference to the trend where African presidents have been extending their terms in office, Uhuru dismissed any chances of him serving for extra years after the end of his second term saying there was no provision for that in the Constitution.

Uhuru also said that no position will be created for Opposition leader Raila Odinga following their historic handshake in March to unite the nation after a long electioneering period.

“Handshake had nothing to do with ethnic communities…it basically denoted what we us leaders are saying that regardless of our ethnic backgrounds and political differences we will work together to ensure that going forward, political differences will not result in ethnic and religious animosity,” said Uhuru.