Lawyer Ahmednassir Disses Joho’s Visit to “Old and Ugly” Moi, Terms it Kiss of DEATH

Controversial Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has downplayed visits by politicians to the home of retired President Daniel Moi for blessings.

A number of politicians have been to Moi’s home since President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga’s March 9 handshake.

The visits have sparked speculation of looming alliances with Moi’s son Gideon. The Baringo Senator is said to be training his guns on the presidency in 2022.

Raila met with Moi, saying he wanted to wish the former President well after he was hospitalised in Israel.

Observers argue that the truce between Uhuru, Raila and Moi has shifted the political landscape amid fears it is too soon to start 2022 campaigns.

Raila’s visit was quickly followed by one by Deputy President William Ruto, who also wanted advice from Moi.

Ruto flew to retired leader’s home but failed to meet him after waiting for three hours.

A meeting with Moi, to wish him good health, could have boosted Ruto’s presidential aspirations and his claim to lead the Kalenjin nation.

On Saturday, Mombasa governor Hassan Joho met retired President Daniel Moi at his Kabarak home.

In pictures widely shared on social media, Joho was seen chatting with Moi and Gideon.

It was not clear what they were discussing since it was a closed-door meeting.

But Ahmednasir, in a Twitter post, asked how the visits can inspire a future for Kenya.

“How can the old political order inspire/bless the new/inspiring future? I don’t understand Kenya anymore,” Ahmednasir said on Monday.

He added: “The blessing or endorsement by Baba Moi must be the kiss of death for anyone who wants to be our next President.”

@GeorgesSavimbi said: ” President Mwai Kibaki was 100x better than Moi, but I don’t see these guys going to consult him or seek his blessings! Something is wrong with our political system.”

Another Twitter user @machetevga told the lawyer to respect the elderly and the presidents that Kenya has had.

“He was our President and life was so much better than now. You cannot compare him with this kind of creatures we have now. Don’t talk as if you holier. You have your dark side too,” he said.

@JoeAsali said: “Let me tell you, there is something you are not getting. The Kabarak isn’t about Moi. It’s about Gideon but it’s framed as Moi. You need to read beyond the headlines.”

“I agree with you @ahmednasirlaw we have 2 former presidents alive one ruled for 24yrs and did nothing to the economy the other one ruled for 10yrs and revamped our economy between the two who should politician seek the blessings?” @joshuamwash said.

@NetoDomnic said: “Elders must be respected no matter the wrongs they did. There are leaders in this country who have ugly political order more than Moi and you praise them every day on your tweets.”