..after Gabriel Oguda’Punched’ Boniface Mwangi Over Raila Handshake, Now Cornered, Pushed To Ground By Banana Peddler

Photo: Protagonists; Gabriel Oguda (right) Albert Banana Peddler (Centre) And Boniface Mwangi (Left)

Right Of Reply To GABRIEL OGUDA’s Puerile Attacks On BONIFACE MWANGI

By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

Mr. Gabriel Oguda, my name is Banana Peddler. I sell my Bananas in the streets of Kisii town. I have read what you wrote about Boniface Mwangi. Boss in your explanation, you said you don’t know Boniface Mwangi at individual level, but only online. Likewise, I too want to readily countenance that I don’t know you either but would like to edify you a on a thing or two because going by your writing above, it is clear you are a certified hypocrite and coward.

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After Boniface Mwangi Attacked Raila, He Received This Letter, Cried And Cried, Still Crying Blaming His MisEducation

Young man, I’m told you are an upcoming writer and as a writer, it should not escape your notice that you must be sincere in every piece of art you pen, regardless of any forthcoming criticism.

Having read your article, I can conclude that you had nothing to tell Boniface Mwangi. It was clear that your intention was to defend Raila Odinga, but, in the affirmative.

You see young man, Shakespeare said in Julius Caesar: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

In your communique, you behaved like a doctor who suffers from the Ebola he is trying to treat on another patient – If you construe what I am saying. In other words, as my people in Gusiiland used to say: “Faeces cannot clean urine” This is a case of urine trying to clean faeces.

Like I said earlier on, I don’t know you but I know Boniface. Unlike you, Bonny is a renowned anti-corruption crusader, activist and a political commentator. He fights for the progress of his country. He hates corruption.

He often takes on both the high and mighty in society whenever he finds that they or those they superintend have caught the corruption bug which manifest in indiscipline, wastage, illegality and outright diversion of budgetary allocations.

He has always voiced his opinions freely and grants that every Kenyan has inalienable right to freedom of speech and expression. However, unlike you, he always strives to get his facts right before venturing to take any action or put pen on paper.

Agreed that as a reader, I can readily confess that most of his pieces of art and newspaper commentaries are never complete without buttressing them with facts and figures.

You and I know well that this country bleeds from all openings. It is bleeding from the nose. It is bleeding from the mouth. It is bleeding from the ears. In fact, it is bleeding from the anus. The only men who have the balls to stand against oppressors are Boniface Mwangi and doctor Miguna Miguna. People like yourself have nothing to offer but Facebook posts.

Gabriel, from your writing, I can only but rule out that you are not worthy your onions. Rather, the threats in your second last paragraph confirm you as a villain hiding to pilory your subjects. Were it that Raila is your father or relative, I would excuse your ‘defence’ in the affirmative..

But as a writer nonetheless, I admire other writers like you and I read their works, “Iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other.’’

Defending yourself before you are attacked as indicated in the 2nd last paragraph is not only discombobulating, but also confirms how your person is taunted with a dark cloud of cowardliness.

I dare say that your attack on Boniface was totally out of character with some of the incisive piece of art you are known for. I can only but say that you need a radical approach to eradicating your hydra-headed mentality on Boniface unless you are seeking to build fame by attacking him.

Mr. Gabriel, I take exception to your approach of Bonny and dare say that the attack does not only drip hatred, wrong assumptions, misrepresentation, but an outright distortion of facts to achieve a predetermined end.

But, by berating Bonny, you have disqualified yourself as a sycophant whose work can be of any reckon. How do you throw a challenge on somebody and warn him not to respond to it? Why are you putting your self esteem on line? What is this you are threatening to do to him if he responds to you with brutal honesty, that Raila Odinga cannot do?

Compared to Boniface, you have no image to protect. The public cannot hold you to account. You take pleasure in hiding online to do damage. Were I in a position, I would advice you to eschew this kind of puerile attacks. Raila Odinga is not immune from attacks. This same freedom you are curtailing is the same freedom he fought for.

Since I am running out of space, let me remind you that at times like these of handshake, be more careful. So, pipe down. Get real. Return to the Supreme Being – through the mosque or the church – depending on the faith you profess. Confess your sins and turn a new leaf. Mr. Gabriel, the scriptures offer workable solutions to all life’s problems. If you don’t know: There is God, please..!


(The writer sells Bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)