Top Jubilee Operatives and Ababu Namwamba May Have STOLEN 1Billion on the Collapsed SIGIRI Bridge.

By Nelson Oduma

Top Jubilee operatives and Ababu Namwamba may have stolen a cool 1Billion sweat free on the SIGIRI bridge.

Let me enlighten my fellow slaves on how we have been robbed dry on the SIGIRI bridge.

The Sigiri bridge is roughly 100metres.and it costed 1.2billion Kenya shillings( $10.2m)

~Fact: Tanzania’s Kigamboni bridge 680metres (Longest suspended bridge in Africa) costed $136million. ksh.13.87billio


~Sigiri: if you divide the 1.2 billion by 100metres, you will find that it costed the taxpayer 12 million shillings per metre, to construct a normall village bridge(sigiri).

~Kigamboni: If you divide the 13.87 billion by 680metres, you will find that It costed the TZ taxpayer 20.4 million kenyan shillings to construct one metre of 6 lanes and ksh 3.4 million to construct a metre of one lane.

*Note that the Kigamboni bridge is modern international standard bridge.

To Summarize:

A metre of the world class Tanzania’s Kigamboni bridge costed the Tanzanians taxpayer 3.4 million kenya shillings, while a metre of our precious SIGIRI bridge costed us 12 million kenya shillings.

>Kenya’s SIGIRI: 1metre Ksh. 12 Million

>Tanzania’s Kigamboni: 1metre Ksh. 3.4 Million

-And we wonder why China is giving us food aid when they have no land to produce the same food, yet we have all the fertile land and the best weather in the world.

-We wonder why we are importing Eggs from Romania, sugar from Brazil, Maize from Mexico, Rice from Pakistan, powdered milk from Netherlands among many others food produce yet we have the potential to produce all these and export the surplus.

– As long us we have the wrong leaders in office, Africa will continue plumenting to the lowest levels, #AfricaRising will only be alive in papers.

*We must stop electing thieves and misleaders.


Nelson Oduma

(Son Of Africa)