How Governor Obado Evaded Hired Goons, Left Them Stranded As He Drove Home Comfortably

The Governor has not been arrested

Treat news doing rounds that Gov has been arrested and will spend a night in a police cell as rumours from political competitors

A know political crook from Migori has organised and ferried youths who jammed the DCI compounds and announced the Governor’s motorcade ready to heckle with less in wait

To avoid this the Governor beat the fools in their own game by using the police vehicle to exit and later his motorcade joined and he is safely travelling to his house

As earlier stated we have nothing to hide nor to be afraid of, the Governor is innocent and will continue to cooperate with the investigators until Sharon find justice

We condemn political schemes by some agents of vengeance and we say shame on you,

It’s quite painful to dance on the grave of the deceased for personal political Milage