Dear Raila Supporters, Don’t Be Fooled By The “HANDSHAKE” Be Careful When Dealing With Mt Kenya Mafia, Please!

Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler – Team-Ruto Secretariat.

If you are a Raila Odinga supporter and are celebrating the devilish scheme by Mt Kenya mafia to ensure DP Ruto doesen’t ascends to Presidency, you are a worthless idiot that never learns. If you are a staunch Raila Odinga die hard, and you succumb to that preposterous IPSOS lie by Mt. Kenya sponsored opinion polls that William Ruto is the most corrupt man in Kenya followed by Anne Waiguru, you need urgent medical attention. Before you go ballistic and start hurling those oral stones, calm down I explain.

I want to ask supporters of Raila Odinga a simple question, in previous elections, Baba was painted in dark lights by Mt Kenya whom he was competing against. They called him all satanic names and said he worshiped the devil. They Kikuyu musicians sang all evil songs against Raila Odinga. In their songs, they called him Kihi (a derogatory Kikuyu name for an uncircumcised small boy). That time, I too, staunchly supported Raila Odinga.

If you are a Raila Odinga disciple and cannot even detect that Anne Waiguru is used as a sacrificial lamb to fix DP William Ruto, you need a lot of prayers. How come you have forgotten that the same people who are happily swimming in your ocean of accolades through the handshake, are the same humans who through their mouthpiece Mutahi Ngunyi, a man pervaded by ethnic bigotry, are the same people that called Raila Odinga the “LORD OF POVERTY”

You see, to those online factotums purporting to insult the person of the DP, I want to warn you that you cannot not kill an elephant with a pebble stone. The biblical David who killed Goliath in the 6 BC is untenable in this 21st century reasoning. You cannot stand unmitigated in front of a moving train! It is suicidal my friend. You’ll be crashed.

I discountenance the narrative that there are no permanent enemies in politics because as they say “Friendship can be amended but cannot be sound” How can you call me Kihi, lord of poverty and a devil worshiper and expect me to forget and worship you because of a handshake? The problem with Luos is that when they trust you, they give you their heart despite the wrongs you did them. They completely get excited over nothing and lose their senses, only to start crying again after they are dumped. On the other hand, Mt Kenya mafia will deceive you that they love you because they want a favor from you. Same applies to their women. In this case in point, it is common knowledge that the favor they want from Luos is getting rid of DP Ruto.

Like now, I can tell you for free that the Mt. Kenya Mafia are keeping Raila and Luos close so that he can help them pass a referendum that will keep Uhuru politically active in 2022 and beyond. Mt Kenya mafia know well that with Raila on their side, no one can successfully oppose any referendum. It’ll be a replica of the 2010 constitutional amendment referenda. Mark this line, after the referenda passes, Kikuyus will do what they do best, start madharau ndogo ndogo kwa Baba, thrash whatever MOU they had with Agwambo and kick him out. That is whe Luos will start crying again. For now, whatever Raila wants, it’ll be given to him including the appointment of his men. That is what excites Luos.

Before you buy that idiotic narrative by IPSOS and Tom Wolf, do you believe that William Ruto is the most corrupt man in this country? The people that are preaching that gospel, where were they in 2013, where were they in 2017 to tell us what they are telling us now? Are these not the same people that pretended to love Ruto and Kalenjins when they wanted to be elected and re-elected? If they succeed in duping Ruto after all he did to help them – with your help of course – how sure are you they’ll love and stick with you to the end? Ask yourself, why in 2017 before elections, why didn’t Kikuyus tell you that DP Ruto was the most corrupt man when they wanted him to deliver the Rift Valley vote in their basket? What changed that he has now turned and become their enemy?

Fellow brothers and sisters from Luo Nyanza, remember Mt Kenya promised to support Raila if you made Kibaki succeed, which you successfully did. What happened afterwards with the MOU they had signed with Raila? You really cried for Raila and if I recall well, it is Kalenjins then led by Ruto, that stood in solidarity with you. Ironically, you are ridiculing the same man who stood by you. You have joined the oppressor who turned against you. Have you people brains? For Luhyas, remember how the same Kikuyus called Mudavadi “SHETANI” but still shamelessly proceeded without compaction, to seek votes from Western.

To all non-Kikuyu Kenyans, I want to ask you a simple question, of all these rich Mt Kenya people who do business with government, those that head institutions like Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA), Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) and the rest, do you have reason believe that William Ruto is the most corrupt man in the country? It is reported that KRA loses more than 400 billion annually. Is it William Ruto that loots it? Why are we so gullible to be fooled that it is only we – non Kikuyus – that are corrupt and not them? If they say William Ruto is a thief, ask them where were they when he was looting public money? Where were they when he was grabbing the public land they are accusing him of? What did they do to stop him?

For those Kikuyus accusing Ruto of killing Kikuyus in Rift Valley, I want to remind you that ICC found him innocent of the charges the same way the same ICC found Uhuru Kenyatta innocent of similar accusations of killing Kalenjins on a revenge mission in Naivasha. Therefore the question begs, why are you hell-bent on accusing Ruto that he killed Kalenjins yet you leave out Uhuru who played a key role in Naivasha? At least for Ruto, it was hearsay but for Uhuru, we all witnessed on television. In fact, he allegedly threatened before carrying out the revenge. If you lived in this country like myself, you witnessed how Luhyas, Kisiis, Luos and Kalenjins were smoked out of Western bound vehicles by Mungikis and killed before the cameras. You want us to forget that and remember the other one? Are some Kenyans more equal than the rest?

It nauseates when leaders and politicians you ardently respect, spew out inadvertently indefensible demeaning gaucheries at the person of the DP William Ruto because of a sponsored opinion poll by IPSOS. You are left to struggle and battle with your conscience and consciousness.

Fellow countrymen, it magnetizes that the enemies of William Ruto are afraid. Because of pear, they are playing a defense with him. I unrepentantly say with ultimate authority that those who have raped our commonwealth are the ones sponsoring Tom Wolf to murder the impeccable character of the DP.

I want to thank H.E. William Ruto for piping down and responding appropriately and with certified maturity to that propaganda by the wolf called Tom. That is why I always love and esteem Ruto’s brilliant persona and disciplined attitudes. His vision for a strong and incorruptible Kenya is unstoppable. He will move us to a safe realm.

For Tom Wolf, the toxic lies he tells have dilapidated his being. His health is telling. He is the man leaning on a broken reed. I want to ask Tom Wolf a simple question, since 1963, Kenya has orbited between second and third worldwide in the Corruption Perception Index as conducted TI. Ruto started working in 1997. All those years before Ruto, who was making Kenya corrupt by stealing our commonwealth? These things Tom Wolf is doing, why can’t he do them in his own country? How many Kenyans can do what he is doing here in the US? Has this country become so liberal that any mad man can just pop in and polute the mind of the denizens?

The dread among some thieves from Mt. Kenya is a clear sign that something untenable is going on between them. That is why I am not miffed with their panicky theatrics. They know that there evil days are numbered.

Closer home, as Ruto prepares to take over at the helm of affairs as president and save this country that is bleeding from all openings, I urge him to beware of men of yesterday. As we all know, the sponsored opinion poll by IPSOS is a complete distraction of avowed fight against corruption.

(The writer sells bananas in the streets of Kisii town and is also the Chief of Communications, Tanga-tanga Movement)