DCI Detectives Recovered Sh 770M at Home of Aide Of Top Politician, Uhuru Shocked By Report

Sleuths from the DCI office mounted a sting operation at the home of a personal assistant of a top Jubilee politician and found loads of money in both local and foreign currency that totaled Kshs.770Million. The amounts are suspected to be proceeds of corruption.

Well, before the sting operation, President Uhuru was reported to have received a confidential report that was prepared by NIS and in it it had detailed the source of funds held by the politicians and that it was largely kept by the aide. The report was elaborate with revelations that the house of the aide has a bunker that is full of money

Upon going through the report, the president is said to have ordered for a sting operation and when the findings were given to him the president is alleged to have banged tables and promised to give further orders after his tour of USA and China. The president was mad that the people he trusted with running the government were core in perpetuating corruption.

“President Kenyatta is disappointed and feels betrayed by his close lieutenants, senior people are implicated in the dossier,” a source privy to the dossier’s details told the Sunday Standard.

On Friday, two separate meetings were held between the President and top security bosses at State House and Harambee House where issues relating to the anti-graft purge were thrashed. Later that night, the President left the country for US.

Through his pronouncements and those of his allies, the President appears keen to brand the war on corruption one of his defining legacies alongside Building Bridges Initiative and the Big 4 Agenda of Manufacturing, Food Security, Universal Health Care and Affordable Housing.

A number of Cabinet Secretaries have been implicated in corruption cases or have failed to tame graft under their dockets. It is understood that the president was astounded by the intelligence on the veracity of the graft cases touching on those close to him. A fortnight ago, President Kenyatta set the tone for a ruthless purge when he retreated to the Coast, shook off friends and allowed the wheel of justice grind victims. When he came back, buildings which had stood on riparian lands for ages tumbled down.