By Were Milton

Do Raila keep his allies safe?

ODM leader Raila Odinga had a tough time explaining to his supporters on the whereabouts of his long time political friend Don bosco Gichana.

It all started on Saturday when Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati tasked Raila to explain to the multitude on the whereabouts of Mr. Gichana, a one time ally.

And while addressing a multitude at Gusii Stadium, Raila insisted that he’s committed in securing freedom for the renowned IT expert.

“This is my major headache and I own it. It has been in existence for a while but hopefully this will end.

“He will be a free man soonest. It is a tough matter but justice will prevail,” he said.

It was not the first time Raila was promising freedom for Mr. Bosco, his former chief campaigner.

Accused of money laundering and fraud, authorities in Tanzania are yet to charge him for five years now.

The anguish caused has subjected Odinga to more pressure given his grip in Gusii region, where he has enjoyed support for over a decade.

Former Taita Taveta Governor John Mruttu

During his political heydays, former Taita Taveta Governor John Mruttu was ODM leader Raila Odinga’s right-hand man. But today, he finds himself in an uncharted political territory after his loss in 2017.

Despite joining politics late after an illustrious career in the corporate world, the University of Nairobi-trained engineer quickly mastered the game and elevated himself into the league of heavyweights. But the 2017 loss left him in an awkward political dilemma.

His decision to immediately join Jubilee after losing to Wiper’s Granton Samboja, could further complicate his political comeback plans considering that ODM remains the most popular party in the region despite the recent charm offensive from the Deputy President William Ruto.

To further complicate his troubles is the decision by President Uhuru Kenyatta to overlook him in the recent government appointments.

This is despite the fact that he had been promised state job when he joined the party in the run to the repeat presidential election in 2017.

With no job and in a ‘wrong party’, the former Governor will have a long way to before he brings his political career back on track. Will he?