Arrest Of DCJ Lady Mwilu To Usher Arrest Of DP Ruto’s Top Handlers and Allies

That the deputy Chief Justice and deputy president of the Supreme Court of Kenya has been arrested over claims of bribery of a mere 12million and tax evasion is an indication that something big and stinky cooking and will most likely be served on none other than DP Ruto directly or his top surrogates.

Pundits across the political divide are of the opinion that the arrest of Mwilu is meant to lay a basis or justification for arrest of a top Executive official.

President Uhuru has previously sacked cabinet secretaries and permanent secretaries whose names were adversely mentioned on corruption scandals and therefore this time round he is aiming higher.

Last week we read news of the arrest of Uhuru’s private secretary who is also his nephew Jomo in relation to 100million bribe for tenders, this was leaked to media without any evidence backing up the allegation that indeed Jomo was put in a police cell but also there was no mention of the bribe ‘giver’ further fueling speculation that it may have been an hoax to prepare the Kalenjin nation and the URP wing of Jubilee that the fight against corruption will not spare anybody irrespective of their status in government and that when the time to drag the big man or his surrogates to jail comes they should eat their tomatoes in peace!

This week, there have been reports that a top Jubilee official’s personal assistant was busted with 750million at his Karen home, the rumour that appeared on corridors of power further alleges that since the said PA is powerful the DCI sleuths instead did not make any arrest but sent a brief note to the president who is said to have been shocked and angry. Uhuru is said to have promised to take action once he is back from USA trip.

Well, to put matters into perspective there are only two very powerful PAs to Jubilee top leadership and that is Jomo Gecaga and Faroek Kibet.

If Mwilu’s arrest is meant to justify arrest of Ruto allies then the state should be ready to justify the selective prosecutions that seem to target one side of the coalition;

Meanwhile according to one Gatuyuriana Journal there is something wrong with the arrest of DCJ; sample this…

If a sitting judge is alleged to be corrupt, or has committed an offence relating to abuse of office, a start point should be to use such evidence (if any) and commence proceedings with the JSC, leading to removal from office of the judge.

You do not haul a sitting judge before court, unless it is a cognizable offence (a visible and outright criminal offence, unrelated with work).

We saw this with Judge Tunoi. We saw this with Ringera judges. We saw this in Judge Mutava case. We saw this with Benard Chunga case. We have seen these, countless times.

So, why has DPP Haji, taken the absurd route of instituting a very uncalled for, criminal proceedings against Judge Mwilu?

After permutations of all logic, there can be only ONE conclusion. DPP Haji has quickly degenerated from call duty, and is now a political gladiator.

When DPP’s become political gladiators, the legal air becomes polluted. Political gladiator Haji should read some history. He will read about DPP Benard Chunga, and his fall.