VIDEO: Uhuru, Ababu Namwamba BOOED, HECKLED and Rejected in Busia, Locals turned up to see Motorcade NOT Jubilee PR

Uhuru’s chief campaigner in Western Kenya Hon Ababu Namwamba was badly humiliated infront of his master as locals booed and rejected him, they denied him a chance address the gathering with chants of betrayer betrayer NASA NASA.

Uhuru watched in disbelief as it became clear to him that the thousands who come to his rallies are only interested to see the presidential motorcade and not the jubilee lies hypocritical messages he is busy dishing out.

An English proverb says, “A hungry wolf is fixed to no place” President Uhuru Kenyatta was today forced to cut short his empty development promises when hungry residents in Budalangi asked him to bring Unga first.

The president was speaking in port Victoria when hungry residents refused to take his cosmetic development rhetoric when the crowds started chanting the UNGA slogan.

At the time, the President was explaining how his government has revived dysfunctional companies like Rivatex, Pan Paper among others.

He was begging them to start growing cotton so that they can feed those companies but residents could take it no more.

In his response, Uhuru went mad and started lecturing them. He told them to stop shouting at him since the cotton he was asking them to grow will give them money to enable them buy that UNGA. What the President forgot is that the residents were complaining about the absence of Unga in the stores.

“Wachana na kuniambia maneno ya unga hapa. Wewe nyamaza hapo. Hiyo ndio ile siasa duni ya ule mtu wa vitendawili mimi sitaki kuskia. Hiyo Maendeleo ninawaletea ndio itawapatia pesa ya kununua hiyo unga. Hapana kuja hapa mnaanza kunipigia kelele mkiniambia maneno ya Unga hapa” He said.