Why Sharon Otieno Killers May Walk Free, No Justice For the Poor In Kenya

British tourist Julie Ward was repeatedly raped, then dragged into a thicket and brutally killed by three men in the Maasai Mara game reserve in 1988.

“What l saw will forever live with me throughout my life”. Said an intelligence officer who claimed to have witnessed the murder and who fled Kenya.

In a clumsy cover-up that is now 30 years old, the police said she was killed by wild animals. Later they said she committed suicide. The assassins then remembered they had left fabric, their own hair, semen and saliva on her and went back. They set her body on fire to conceal all evidence.

After she was successfully burnt, the police changed the story a third time and said she had been struck by lightning.

Her father, John Ward, a multimillionaire British hotelier who loved his daughter almost to a fault, spent all his fortune seeking justice and became a poorer man from his former self. He grew old on the airplane, having so far made over 100 trips between London and Nairobi.

He even paid for a very expensive satellite tracking procedure in attempts to piece together his daughter’s last moments. To no avail. Because “big” people were involved.

The history of crime busting in Kenya is littered with police corruption, political interference, political pathologists like the late Dr. Jason Kaviti and bribery of the members of the judiciary.

I am just reminding you about the history of criminal justice in Kenya.