WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Jubilee Bloggers ‘Supporting Cast’ of Cambridge Analytica

Photo: top social media political messaging ‘professionals’ in Kenya


I have to say, there has been an eerie quiet on social media from a wing of the political divide that was all bluster and pomposity.

The “Tano Tena”, “I am finishing the Journey with Uhuru” “Kumira Kumira” “Tribeless” “One Kenya” army have all but disappeared from cyberspace.

While I know the main reason they’ve gone underground (shit’s gone south for their god-chosen duo), I thought it would be best if I saw for myself.

I visited the walls of three bloggers and spinmeisters linked to Jubilee’s cyber army to see (a) whether they were still huffing and puffing about “how Uhuru ako juu sana” and (b) how they were spinning the latest example of an over-whelmed UMK/Jubilee regime ESPECIALLY given the just-announced 16% VAT increase on fuel.

It is readily apparent that with their leader away in China (probably looking for more money), Kumira’s online army are steering clear of the VAT increase issue.

One blogger who frequently waxes religiously and faux-eloquently about how “blessed they are given where they ‘came’ from” starts off with an empty piece about the Netflix show “The Crown” – why, I don’t know. They then follow up with a piece from The Guardian newspaper.

The topic? Something we on this wall started discussing late last year – the demographic phenomenon known as the “Browning of America” and most western countries.

Glad they are finally coming around to the topic.

Another spinmeister starts off with a video of a green-shirt-wearing man ranting, raving and sweating about something I can’t quite make out.

The greenman’s shrillness was a total turn-off so I scrolled onto the next post – one about “the importance of criticizing Jubilee blah…..blah….blah…”

How deep! How boring!!

The third and final blogger chose the erudite philosophical path:

“Kenya is in a catch 22” they intoned albeit “pixelatedly” (I made up the word to describe the fact that this blogger’s pomposity was in cyberspace – via laptop screen pixels).

Unable to sustain that lofty erudition, they reverted back to their standard banality – “Caption This” with a picture whose content/subject I don’t quite remember.

All told, these three bloggers made their living because they supported Jubilee – the side that controlled the levers of power. That is what gave them legitimacy – not because they had any foundational underpinning on/from which to argue their positions in support of their side.

They also had someone – RAO – to channel their bile at.

Now, left alone to run the country – unimpeded and unopposed – they are flailing around aimlessly.

Kumira On People…

Sisi tuta watch y’all from the sideline – arms crossed – maybe akimbo.

Funny but I remember being told that I had no stake in the economy – the one now being taxed to a grinding halt!

By D S