We are going to suffer for the next 100 years as fools Because Of Uhuru Incompetence, Corruption and tribalism

By Eric Ochanji II

Any president taking his country to China is literally strangling his nation and should be condemned or literally removed through people power. If we can’t agree on politics, at least we should agree on the attack on our livelihoods.

But if you ask Kenyans that we start endless protests across the country tomorrow the following things will happen:

* A Kikuyu will forget his suffering and retreat to Uthamakistan and tell you this is an attempt to wrestle power from the House of Mumbi and remove Uhuru from power. Led by the dreaded Mungiki gang, they will mobilize to protect the Kingdom assisted by their local politicians and the police.

The Luo will urge Raila Odinga to call demonstrations but in the present circumstances he will keep mum. They will sit pretty waiting for his guidance.

* The Kalenjin will mobilize and tell their people to be ready to fight because Raila is hatching a plot to stop Ruto from being President. A few Luos will be shot with arrows along the Nandi-Kipsigis-Muhoroni border points as a warning.

* The Luhya ( the very large community that doesn’t know they are many) will wait at the fence looking for which side weighs heavily on the political scale and join that side.

All the other communities will take sides with the majority choosing the side of the oppressor because he controls the purse strings and monopoly of violence, controls the judiciary, Parliament and the opposition.

A member of the lower and middle class so used to his TV, Fridge, Sausages, vacations, alcohol in pubs and making merry will not agree with your attempt to disrupt his way of life.

We are going to suffer for the next 100 years as fools. We have to be taxed more to please China and receive more debts.

It’s a trap we are suffering now, our children and children’s will suffer. China is becoming more and more aggressive across the globe planting military bases in countries that can’t repay their loans or seizing strategic national assets like the Port of Mombasa. So either we pay or we lose our sovereignty.

You will be taxed more and more.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.