WARNING To Governor Obado’s PA Oyamo and Barrack Oduor over Sharon Otieno Murder Investigations

1. Warning to Nation Journalist Barrack Oduor regarding the ongoing investigation of the murder of Sharon Otieno;

I N :>> Those who know Barrack Oduor should advise him to cooperate fully with the police. Let him give them everything he knows. Otherwise, and from what I can gather, the trajectory of this investigation will shift, and he’ll be looking at a charge that will potentially lock him up for life, while the actual perpetrators of this crime will walk away. He can negotiate with prosecutors, lay bare his role in this matter, in exchange for either dropped charges or a lighter charge. Michael Oyamo is now claiming that he was abducted together with Sharon.

Barrack hasn’t told us anything useful this far other than dramatically taking us through some unbelievable stuff akin to a movie scene taken out of a Japanese ninjutsu warfare .The investigators just need to circle pliers around his crotch and he’ll give useful information that may facilitate the delivery of justice to the family of the late Sharon Otieno.It’s highly possible this was an extortion gamble gone south,and in which Barrack Oduor was a central player with the late Sharon the collateral.

2. Warning to Michael Oyamo ex- aide to Migori governor Okoth Obado;

Any honest lawyer worth his salt would advise OYAMO not to apply for bail. The argument is simple: In politics there is no permanent friend but only permanent interest. He has outlived his usefulness, as this case goes on, he is only safe in penitentiary. Otherwise, those who sent him, will easily harvest him to ensure this case dies on arrival. But in a nation where everyone is part of the conspiracy, the lawyers he falsely think loves him could only be leading him on harms way like sadists leading a cow into the gallows. Anyway, I could be wrong…..