Dear Uhuru , This is What You Must Do To Contain Public Debt Crisis, We Are In An Economic Cliff

By Donald Kiop

Modest Advise To Government Of Kenya On Our Debt Crisis

The increased fuel price by additional 16% VAT calls on all Kenyans to offer their 5-Cents advise on how we can stop digging further in our hole of national debt. Am no Economist, but so was Gordon Brown who is one of the best Ministers for Finance (Chancellor Of the Exchequer) Britain ever had. This is my modest Advise:

1. New Projects shouldn’t be launched …. We have no money and we can’t launch new Projects.

2. Monetary Policy: we make sure all loan interest rates are reduced to less than 1% per month ….

3. Fiscal Policy: Taxes should be harmonized and we have one flat tax rate like Estonia which has one tax Of 11%.

4. Professionalize the Police and Army and Cap each at maximum 50,000 that is well paid and well resourced …. We have to much army and police personel that is underpaid and using expensive but suspect vehicles and equipment.

5. Regulate development by County Governments …. Each County can’t be building a Referral Hospital when dame can be shared by Five Counties.

6. End Corruption in State Corporations … Projects are inflated, Billions stolen, so much wastage …. DPP, DCI and EACC should maintain their ritual of Friday arrests till our culture changes.

7. Ask China and other Creditors to write off their debts …. And publish all Loan Agreements and all Projects Agreements … Kenyans have a right to know.