Uhuru Ruto Jubilee Marriage, Time For A Divorce !

Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler – Team-Ruto ‘Secretariat’

As the dumb one invites politicians to his father’s house to seek endorsement, all evidence points out that this Jubilee marriage is not working. You see, I have always advocated that when a marriage is unhappy, it must not be kept at all cost and by all means. When President Kenyatta needed DP Ruto’s help, he was the humblest man. After he got the help, he has betrayed him. I want to remind the President that having integrity is better than having money from questionable sources.

It is clearer that this President is thankless. The things he is doing to his deputy, I believe no man created by God can do to his enemy unless under the influence of drugs. A marriage shouldn’t be devoid of honest conversation.

If asked, I can say it about time we as a matter of urgency, went back to the drawing board to discuss our continued unity as a nation. This is a crucial period to come together to cement our shaky union and marred relationship or part ways honorably.

No one should be afraid of intelligent discourse as majority of Kenyan people are for peaceful coexistence. Honest national conversation shouldn’t be a burden. We can negotiate our unity, not for disintegration but for weeding out those nuances (disrespect) that threaten a better life for all Kenyans. We can negotiate the nuance of regionalisation for national cohesion and development. The centre must be made weak and unattractive for career politicians whose stock in trade is hate.

That DP Ruto is mum in the face of disrespect as directed at him, does not mean he is a coward. As William Shakespeare writes in Measure for Measure, Isabella advises


(The writer sells Bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)