How Uhuru Is Helping His Mt Kenya Backyard As Rest Of Kenya Suffers, Economy Collapsing

By Anwar Sadat

Let us make Kenya a nation of Hustlers:

This morning as you pay Kshs 130 per liter for gasoline, I hear in some places it’s Kshs 140, don’t feel bad. Be happy because we are truly on a path of making our country, a nation of Hustlers.

It’s not a secret that 90% of what is being sold in kenya is imported – from toothpicks to the fish we consumer. Our production capacity has been obliterated by cheap imports brought into our country by the high and mighty at the apex of our political leadership.

The death of our manufacturing sector has rendered millions of citizens without jobs and consigned them to a life of untold difficulties. The UNDP puts the unemployment rate in kenya at 42% , the highest among the nations of Eastern Africa. If you add to this, the percentage of those who are underemployed, we have a total of 81% of Kenyan workforce who are not able to fully contribute to the economic development of our nation.

Our hospitals are in deplorable conditions with the KNH only having 31 beds in ICU. It’s now an accepted norm and a daily occurrence to see and hear of complaints about the quality of treatment or lack of it that those Kenyans seeking medical attention from these facilities receive.

The cost of electricity has skyrocketed and many families have been slapped with electricity bills that KenyaPower can not explain.

Farmers are forced to throw away their harvests because politicians have imported produce such as maize and sold them to NCPB, exhausting its allocated resources for produce purchase before they can buy the produce of regular farmers.

Our national debt stands at Kshs 4.7 Trillion, most of it spent in projects that generate no income and priorities that do very little to improve the lives of Kenyans.

Ladies and gentlemen, all these are steps in the right direction. We are inching closer everyday to being a nation of Hustlers, something our politicians carry as a badge of honor and speak so proudly about.

Uhuru is doing his part in taking us there. But if we are to truly get to a nation of Hustlers, then after the end of Uhuru’s TANO TERROR, we must give Ruto is KUMI FRESH to push the prices of fuel to Kshs 300 per liter, unemployment to 90%, our national debt to Kshs 10 Trillion.

That way, we will have a true nation of Hustlers where there will be no jobs, an economy sustained on debt, failed healthcare system, farmers crashed with cheap imports, higher fuel prices, higher cost of transport, higher taxes, higher inflation, high electricity costs, no basic amenities, etc.

Let’s give Ruto his KUMI FRESH to take us the precipice to a nation of Hustlers.

Ni Kujipanga Nani….