Uhuru’s Emerging ‘Tumbocrazy’ Politics Swallowing Many A Promising Youthful Politicians, Ababu Namwamba Finished?

By Winnie Majani

In politics and even real life, I admire men and women with principles. That is why my liking towards Raila Odinga remains enduring and resolute. Principled people follow their principles faithfully rather than abandon them when convenient.

There emerged a clique of promising young politicians within my political leaning who caught my attention(Both elected and otherwise). I’m talking about Omar Hassan, Ababu Namwamba, Anthony Kibagendi, Sylvanus Osoro, Cleo Malala, Norman Magaya, Kevin Osuri, Edwin Sifuna, Mohamed Ali and few others who I’ll mention shortly if I remember. Among these people, there are the those who I call leftists. The people who preach social equality and egalitarianism. The people I call alternative and progressive voices. The young revolutionaries who have always believed that the country must do MUCH in the fundamental socio-economic transformation processes that must end this insidious poverty and general underdevelopment.

What disturbs me is when I see people like Omar, Ababu and Kibagendi abandon the course and start cheating on progressive politics. I cannot just understand how anyone in his or her right mind would join Jubilee. Even if one felt disenfranchised, I’d expect him/her to form another party to oppose ODM or NASA for that matter but not Jubilee. Why so? You cannot support an authoritarian regime that has mastered the art of political and economic exclusion.The regime that has ‘normalized’ youth unemployment, fall in wage growth, social unrest. The regime that’s not serious in entrenching peace, security and stability. The regime that’s not keen in eradicating poverty through sustained economic growth and equitable economic development. The regime that’s not serious about integration and unity. I’m writing this because I had a strong adulation towards them! Is it greed? Or just failure to be smarter?

All is not lost. Cleo Malala, Norman Magaya, Edwin Sifuna, Kevin Osuri remain loyal to fundamental truth and ideology. . As I missed to watch Onyango Midika, Abuya Abuya, Masinde Muliro, Mwashengu wa Mwachofi, Gitobus of this world, I’ll say I watched you. Good luck generals and Godspeed.