Top Quotes By The Late Professor Ouma Muga, The 2nd Liberation Hero

Professor Joseph Ouma Muga aka “Bend Aburu”, in Quotes.

1.I’ve undergone the University of Sorrows, the Faculty of Weeping in the Department of Torture.

We must protect the name, image and future of this nation. We must protect the citizens of this country by having scientific facts to lead our decisions. I’m tired of management by crisis. We need more clear~sighted scientific approaches to management.

If we go on as if the world is not changing or as if the management of resources does not need a scientific understanding of the environment, … we shall be living in a far gone, bygone world.

Let’s protect our common resources. There are no resources for the government and resources for the opposition. They are resources of the whole nation and the people of Kenya.

5.If a country cannot have a sustainable development, it’s future is doomed and it is insecure. Protection of natural resources through populace participation in environmental management is necessary.

Brief facts about Prof Muga:

He is Prof Ouma Muga, born and raised in a remote village-Kochia- in Homa Bay district, he went through what any other boy of his age would experience while growing up.

His brilliance caught the public attention when he sat for Kenya African Secondary School Examination (KASE) at St. Mary’s Yala. He emerged the top student nation-wide.

He proceeded to sit for the Cambridge Overseas School Certificate in 1957 in the same school and once again topped the whole country.

He joined Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography. Afterwards, he did his Master of Science degree(MSC) in Australia and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in fluvial geomorphology in a record time-frame.

Prof Ouma became a lecturer at Makerere in 1966. There, he held a post of Secretary General and then Chairman of the University Academic Staff Association of Makerere University

Professor has done a lot of research, of interest is the one he did on Ozone layer which earned him worlwide recognition. He was in fact, among the elite group of researchers who contributed in the revolution that took place in Australia 1964.