The Buck Stops With Uhuru, We Are Not Hating, Let Him Fix The Economic Mess He Created


By Dorcas S

False Equivalence is loosely defined as a logical fallacy where two opposing arguments appear to be logically equivalent when in fact they are not.

An example of a false equivalence is the now-trending view that the opposition (NASA) is just as responsible for the misery currently facing Kenyans as is Jubilee – the party actually in power.

Yes both NASA and Jubilee are political parties and their party chiefs RAO and UMK shook hands and agreed to “work together” – an expression whose meaning I still don’t understand almost 6 months later!

However, one – Jubilee – is in power and the other – NASA – is not – PERIOD!

So just so that we are clear, it is Uhuru Kenyatta/William Ruto’s Jubilee Coalition that is responsible for the current eff up that pervades the country.

The party controls the legislature and the executive – the two branches of government whose actions affect the counties more so then the judiciary.

An inconvenient truth is that Raila Odinga has no say-so in how Uhuru Kenyatta runs the country.

In fact, as recent as last week, Uhuru Kenyatta categorically offered that there is “no new state job for Raila”; this regardless of the behind-the-scene machinations and conspiracy theories being flung around ad nauseum.

I am absolutely done with the false equivalence “we-are-in-this-together” BS being peddled by supporters of the current government.

First off, the members of the opposition were repeatedly reminded that they were “lazy”; “unproductive” people who had “no stake in the economy”; this as they were highlighting the very issues – corruption, debt, incompetence – that are currently bedeviling the country.

NASA’s efforts to highlight corruption and government waste were derided and ridiculed as “sour grapes”; “kimnadho” as some diasporite gleefully offered when I questioned the source of wealth of some aging/ailing “mogul”.

As a loyal member of NASA, I made (and continue to make) my views crystal clear.

I also expend/ed time and energy making a case for my preference/s.

I was reminded that “Raila will never be president”; that my side, for all its “degrees” i.e. intellectual chops and “altruism” and “idealism” did not know how to win elections.

That my side only knew how to whine and complain about “rigging”.

My, how things have changed from the giddy days of 2017; of “Tano Tena” and other lofty campaign slogans and jingles.

Kenyans – including those who thought their support for a corrupt and incompetent incumbency guaranteed them special access to whatever goodies came with being in power – are now faced with a series of events that lend credence to what NASA had been saying all along.

Suddenly those who were smug in their self-righteousness religiosity are asking their erstwhile whipping boys to appeal to their sense of, you guessed it, “altruism”, “idealism”, and “patriotism”.

Unfortunately, this “altruistic”, “idealistic” un-patriotic perennial loser is not ready to play nice!

Jubilants should not expect any sympathy from this end now that left to their own devices, their “maombi” and “hard work”, it is beyond obvious that said “prayers” appear to be falling on deaf ears and their supposed hard work has never been genuine work, but a function of nepotism, favoritism and outright corruption.

And the persecution complex “woe-is-me” angle?

That’s a Cambridge Analytica-inspired trope that was particularly effective for Donald Trump’s base in the rust belt/Mid-West:

For my part, I ain’t buying it.

I am not falling for the spin that anyone who points out that Jubilee is in power because some people support/ed it despite the overwhelming evidence that the leadership – Uhuru, Ruto, Waiguru, Sonko etc. – was irredeemably and demonstrably corrupt is being “hostile” or peddling “hatred” towards those who exercised their “sacrosanct right” to vote for a candidate of their choice!

That’s bullshit. That’s also what persecution complex looks like – a desperate attempt to gain sympathy by accusing those who call out your shortcomings of being “mean” and “hateful”

That is NOT what I am doing. I am exercising my right to free speech – to point out that the VAT increase is due to incompetent leadership; leadership that is supported by the very people now crying foul!

Deal with it!