Sharon Otieno’s Mother Regrets Encouraging Daughter To Go For Men With Big Money, Gold Digger

Some mothers, when the daughter is bringing mkati, soda and “soping”, they are blinded. They don’t even ask the source, even if they know they’re proceeds of prostitution they turn a blind eye. The dad is sidelined and most of the times decides to keep quiet. What am I saying?

Sharon was married to a teacher. They had three kids. The teacher took Sharon to college because he wanted to empower her wife. He wanted to demonstrate true love. Once aswito stepped on campus, she maneuvered her way to Obado and grabbed him by the balls. Money started pouring rain. Yaani pesa chalo lowo. She abandons kusoma and shows the husband middle finger. “Thie ukiumaga”, to ape Okuyu.

In cahoots with the mother, Sharon removed her kids from her matrimonial home and took them to her mum. So she sends soping to her mum and mum takes good care of her grandchildren. Maisha Ni mawowowo. The former husband is turned away, warned never to call Sharon for she will spoil for her.

A poor man has no rights. Maisha ni nyweeee. Atoti hovers from one luxurious hotel to another between Migori, Kisumo, Narobi and foreign countries. Mum say shikilia hapo kabisa. The former husband gives up and decides kupambana na hali yake. To Sharon, poverty will never knock her door again. “Minwa atasema, maber ahinya kabisa” Do you remember this sabuni ya jamaa ad?

Then thunder strikes, Sharon is found in a thicket. Skip the case and come to her burial. Luos don’t bury migogo at her paternal home. Her former husband has to bury her or a relative will be asked to bury her, probably an aunt. The husband, who comes from Kamwango in Rongo, has indicated that he may not bury her, remember he hasn’t taken cows to their home. He may or may not bury her. Luos say “chien kiyany”. I’m not lecturing anyone.

Jimmy Bonie