Raila, Uhuru Owe DP Ruto BUT Will Not Be Paid, He Is Bad For Business, Bad for Everybody-Hon Mugambi

By Omogambi Nyachae

If the man from Sugoi wasn’t an economic mujahid, he’s owed by both Raila & Uhuru – heavily so. Without him, his handshakeness couldn’t have become a Prime Minister in 2008. That’s an indisputable fact…it’s the Kalenjin Mujahideen who made it happen in Rift Valley; otherwise without them, the eruptions in Nairobi’s slums could’ve been quelled by Mungiki while the noise in Luo Nyanza could’ve been allowed to go on, unsustainably, since it’s self-destruction & inconsequential. But in Rift Valley, you CAN”T afford to ignore…the Rift is the fulcrum of Kenya’s political economy.

In 2013, Uhuru stood NO chance without Ruto. Even if you were to rig Uhuru in, the raw numbers could’ve simply rejected the computation…to rig, you still NEED the numbers, good numbers. That’s why in 2007, even with massive rigging, the numbers for Kibaki simply couldn’t add up. It’s the same with 2017. The man brings on board numbers, wit & energy…he’s the full package.

…but he’s bad for business. Bad for everyone. And from the devil’s advocate point of view, his debts are paid. His association with ODM as a Pentagon stalwart catapulted his political profile to stardom; he became a Kalenjin kingpin…the ICC criminal charges made his star even bigger; and that’s how Raila paid Ruto’s debt…by elevating him to higher status.

In Jubilee, both in 2013 & 2017, he’s second in command & appoints half of the Cabinet & PSs plus other senior positions. No debt. It’s a 50:50 government; no one owes the other.