SUICIDE: Governor Oparanya Set To DUMP Raila’s ODM For DP Ruto’s Luyha Unity Outfit

Dear Governor Oparanya, Ditching ODM For a Village Luhya Outfit is Political Suicide

ODM Deputy Party leader and Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has finally voiced what has been a long time coming since the hustler began pitching tent in his backyard- ditching ODM.

He claims Luhyas would not benefit until all the parties in the region united to advance a common cause for the people.

In his own words he posits: “I am willing to leave ODM even today and join my brothers in one party so that we can have a strong vehicle to negotiate effectively for this country’s leadership. We cannot achieve this when each of us has a small party that he uses for selfish gains.”

He has even asked Mudavadi and Wetang’ula to fast-track the merging of ANC and Ford-K because “We are tired of using our people for personal political capital. A brother does not need months to consult to enter into another’s home,”

What Oparanya needs to know is that Come 2022, the political parties that will make a mark are those that can step out of their tribal cocoons. 2022 will mark a battle of no mean fete and one needs a party that is long-standing and already has some formal support and recognition to carry agendas.

DP Ruto’s wing fathoms this too well and that is why they abandoned earlier gibberish of forming a new party because they felt frustrated in Jubilee and have instead opted to fight within Jubilee.

Their new strategy is to change the party leadership and an ouster of Tuju and Murathe is looming. They know the party has established roots and ditching it is akin to pulling a political Russian Roulette.

It will be foolhardy to imagine one can start some tribal outfit from scratch and hope to make an impact. That will not work. That outfit cannot make headway beyond their villages because Kenyans have realized the importance of voting outside their tribal cocoons.

That is why Ford-Kenya, Wiper, ANC are worth nothing if they do not have the backing of ODM to form NASA-on their own they have crumbled because they are tribal parties.

Stick to ODM or Join Jubilee

BY S. Otieno