Why Are ODM Supporters Noisy On SHARON’s Death But Silent On SAMBA’s Murder? Aren’t Both LUOS?

Since Sharon Otieno’s life expired in the hands of cowards, the internet has been anything but chaotic with mixed reactions. No sooner had the bad news broke, than a section of ODM supporters decided to suspend their integrity. With enthusiasm and passion, they took to the streets of “Facebook” and “Twitter” to implicate Migori governor Okoth Obado whose sycophantic allegiance to Baba Raila is nonexistent.

When I and likeminded commentators asked questions, they christened us “loaded guns” But as the wise once said, Karma is a bitch and poetic justice is a bastard. I trust that both will someday combine to haunt her killers because we all want justice for Sharon.

(On a lighter note, recently I read somewhere that Peter Kaluma, the Homa Bay Town MP, infected his wife with KASWENDE. It is interesting that the same man is the lawyer of Sharon Otieno)

After emptying their insult bladders on governor Obado, ODM supporters demanded that he be interrogated by the DCI. Their wish was granted yesterday. They also demanded that DNA test be carried out on the governor to ascertain whether the baby Sharon’s womb was his. Also, that wish was granted. Just Like any other Kenyan of goodwill, I am waiting for the DNA results.

But as we await the results from the government laboratory, I have a one question for ODM supporters who also double as the demanders of the DNA;

Suppose the results are out today but turn out to be negative – Which I have a feeling might happen because many men are involved too, what will be your next course of action? Will you still insist that it is the governor who was involved in her death?

In my prediction, if it turns out that the foetus DNA does not match that of Governor, I expect you and your sponsors to do the honourable thing, turn a new leaf and tender an unreserved apology to the governor for your insults on his integrity. Above all, and most importantly, I expect you to repent your sins before the almighty God.

I want to prepare you psychologically that the moment it is confirmed there are no DNA matches, Obado will be assoiled of any charges. But even if it is confirmed that she is heavy for him, that will not unassailably signpost his guiltiness.


When Sharon was murdered, you zealously held sponsored demonstrations against governor Obado. Well, you were within your rights as enshrined in the constitution. Your leaders led by the likes of Gladys Wanga joined you. The governor being a man of impeccable morals and passionate convictions, elected to keep it cool. Nevertheless, if wanted to sponsor demos, he’d do it but he wanted his moral soundness to remain intact. After all,

“It is excellent to have the power of a giant, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant” – William Shakespeare in measure for measure.

Madam Gladys Wanga and ODM supporters, why haven’t sought justice for Samba with the same enthusiasm and passion as you did in Sharon’s case yet both of them are Luos? Is it because Sharon is a woman and Samba is a man?

Since I was birthed, I have never heard of deaths being graded A, B, C, D and E. just like in exams. But in the latest incidences, this seems to be the case. In the eyes of ODM supporters led by the horny Gladys Wanga, Sharon’s death was grade A. while that of Samba was grade E. That is why they don’t care. Else, how do you describe their silence on the poor boy’s death who suffered double tragedy, catching his wife being screwed by another man and getting killed for catching them in the act? Sharon was murdered, so is Samba.

Have ODM supporters demanded justice for Samba just like they did for Sharon? Why can’t they hold demonstrations to demand of the arrest of Samba’s killer the same way they held demos to demand for Sharon’s killers? What is so unique in Sharon’s case that all anti-Raila Luos have unstinting interest in, but lacks in Samba’s death? Both of them are Luos. Sharon is from Homa Bay while Samba is from Siaya. Suppose it was governor Obado’s son that pushed Samba from that balcony, would they be as silent and disinterested as they are now?

Long story short, all facts points at the fact that Sharon’s death is political. I still hold that thinking. In this case, Obado had once rattled the big fish in Lake Victoria. As Shakespeare said in Pericles, “The rich and the powerful are like whales who eat up the hardworking little fish”


(The writer sells bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)