Upper Middle Class Married Men Are In Danger, Hunted and Trapped By Slay Queens; Nudes, Pregnancy, Clubbing, Road Trips

Middle aged Kenyan men especially those that are married exhibiting signs of financial stability and opulence are an endangered species. They are being tracked and stalked online by young girls from as far counties as Busia and Wajir.

On average, a middle aged man who has a social media handle can confess of being harassed by young girls online; it starts from just a ‘hi’ then it graduates to a sex chat, then before you know somebody is sending you very hot/sexy photos and videos then booom NUDES and live sex chats! Some girls even take it to the next level of squatting live via Whatsapp video calls or messenger….

The young girls don’t care if you are married or not, they just want a good time. Older women of 32 plus are even worse especially those that have been married and separated, they are hunting men for one night stands like its a jackpot.

Older women of +35 are also hunting men to sire with them kids and later rush to court looking for child support yet they readily accepted to be pregnant and even refused to take bills that are available and effective even 48 hours after the calculated one night stand. These older women are the ones that should burn in hell, once they get pregnant they play victims and start making unnecessary demands yet they know very well the trap they had set. To many a men, these are the ladies that should face some serious music; somebody is old, a cougar for that matter,traps a man to get his genes and then she runs to court asking for thousands in the name of child support, destroying families! these are the ones that should be stricken by dry a desert thunder!

Just sample this post by Caroline who lives in Watamu- Malindi, it confirms that roles have since changed, men are being haunted, slay queens are on a hunting mission

Am still stuck where old men are allegedly luring young women with money…

If you are still there, then you are several decades behind. You seriously need to upgrade your social app.

The young women of this era do not wait to be lured.

They are hunters. They hunt down the older men they deem successful by hook or crook.

Infact those men have such a hard time resisting or sorting who is to date among the hundreds of applicants.

For the longest I have been in Watamu, I know women who wake up in the morning, dress up like they are going to work and stroll the beaches in search of lone tourists.

At dusk they freshen up and hop from club to club hoping for a catch.

I have male friends in those offices who share their dilemma of women literally hunting them down and seducing them.

I have female friends who have approached me countless times, not looking for a job but hoping I could hook them up to so and so.

We have seen it time and again women exposing their fellow women online for sending their men nudes.

The today woman will hunt, set a trap and nub any successful man she deems useful to her lifestyle.

To address a problem, you must first admit that the problem exists…

You must face the facts.

You must fix the problem not fixing the blame.