Why A Man Who Caught Wife Cheating Was Killed By Her Lover, Pushed From 4th floor Balcony, Umoja, Nairobi

Lessons From The Umoja Man That Caught His Wife Cheating, Was Pushed From Balcony & Died

Again, a cold shudder ran through my spine late Sunday night, after news reached me that a young man died after being pushed off the balcony by his wife’s lover. Word made rounds that the 32 year old Dickson Samba caught them in the act at their home in Umoja and at the drop of the hat, they engaged in a squabble.

Another act of extreme heinousness.

According to gossipers, the couple had lived unhappily for ten years but would not let go the union. I have said time without number that if there is no sign of life in a marriage, it should not be kept at all costs and by all means. A relationship without communication is a tinderbox.

Most African cultures encourage marriage between a man and woman/women. Not woman and men, Please. I have also gathered that his wife Suzan Adhiambo was the bread winner. Although Samba was jobless, he was struggling nevertheless. That is why his wife was audacious to bring another man in their home.

There are great lessons to be learned from the couple’s experience. Fewer homes are happy when the man of the house is broke and the woman is not. When the man is unable to fend for his family due to joblessness, the wife disrespects him. The two becomes incompatible.

A piece of advice for young men, if you discover early that you are not compatible in a relationship, please quit. If you lose your job and realize your wife has lost respect for you and is not ready to cope with you as you look for another one, please walk out. As they say “The bravest soldier is the one that saved his life.”

But don’t chase her away because it is un-African to do so. Better still, you can go separate ways until you find a job. Don’t force your stay there. You’ll be her slave or even forced to commit murder. To avoid all that, please go and don’t look back. Remember “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”

It is dangerous when a woman who is sentenced to your life, is the breadwinner. But there are exceptions, though the Sambas were not among them. It takes a lot of maturity for an African man to be patient while the woman nags in the house. It takes courage for a broke man of the house to tolerate verbal attacks, greed and selfishness by a moneyed wife. When it gets to that point, please do not rob a bank, you will be killed. With your integrity intact, just call it a day and take a break. After all, having integrity is better than having money from questionable sources.

For the man who pushed Samba off the balcony in the eyes of bystanders, I can only say that he shares that trait with terrorists, armed robbers and other hardcore criminals. Just imagine: a man you have caught in the act with your wife, having the courage to push you from fourth floor. I believe no man created by God can do such evil unless under the heavy influence of hard drugs. That man deserves to be stoned to death. Conscience, being an open wound, cannot permit a right thinking human being to carry out such a heinous crime.

I hear that after killing Samba, the man pleaded for mercy. That is a common characteristic among hardened criminals. They always plead for mercy when they are caught. When they are not, they thank their charms or the devil that they worship. But as it is buried in the Bible, there will be no peace for the wicked. And every crime must be punished both in this world and in the other world. But fools never learn until it’s too late.


(The writer sells bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)