How DP Ruto Mints Millions From His Dairy Cows, True Hustling!

By Barry Karanja

DP Hon. William Samoei Ruto has 1000 dairy cows in his 50- acre Sugoi farm.

Nearly 800 of them calves every year as the rest completes their lactation circle.

He has a private milk cooling plant that can accommodate 50,000 litres of milk per day!

Now,each cow in a single day’s milking produces 30-45 litres,lets put the average at 35 per cow.

Cows milked daily is between 700 and 800,lets put average at 700 to make our math easy.

So 700×35= 24,500 litres per single milking.

A litre of milk when sold directly to processing companies e.g brookside goes at 34 shillings per litre(current price).

Means 24,500 litres × 34 = 833,000 shillings a day!

A cool Ksh24,990,000/- per month!

Assuming mimi mtu wa chini because I have an acre of land equivalent to 5 dairy cows means 35×5 = 175litres a day × Ksh34 = ksh5950/- × 30 days= ksh 178,000/- per month!

What prevents us peasants from becoming millionaires?

Continue yapping and thinking that H. E William Ruto is a thief and a grabber while you are plunging everyday in to an oblivion of dark poverty!

Mali nikutafuta nanii