You Have A Long Way To Go In Practical Politics, Clueless, Nkt! – Hon Millie Mabona ‘Slaps’ Dr. McObewa

By Millie Mabona via Facebook

I have seen a post by Dr. Hezron McObewa alleging that female MPs from Luo Nyanza have no mastery of the Queens Language based on what he watched on TV today. My response:

1) Knowledge or mastery of English or any language is not a measure of intelligence.

2) Luo and Suba Nyanza elected very highly educated women. They chose amongst the finest of its crop. Senator Rose Nyamunga, Hon Gladys Wanga, Rozzah Buyu and I have Masters degrees in our respectives fields and some are pursuing their PhDs. The rest have PhDs and above- Professor Jackline Oduol, Dr. Christine Ombaka,Dr. Eve Obara, Dr. Pamela Odhiambo and Dr. Lillian Gogo.

3). Mastery of a local language is more relevant in the quest for an elective position. Perhaps you need to learn from the women in your next bid for the gubernatorial seat otherwise you will fail again.

4) In politics you learn to step up or step down depending on your audience. We will “twang” with Trump or Obama and “shrub” in Kano.

5) Quit this misogynistic tendency. Gidholuo- wek dondori gi mon.

Have a gender-sensitive week my brother. You have a long way to go in politics.