DP Ruto Launching ‘Fake’ Projects Just Like Governor Afred Mutua Did In 2013-2017


By Kiberenge Jnr

The hustler is the only politician in Kenya who mastered Moi’s kind of politics. He has re- invented and improvised Moi’s politics of hoodwinking, manipulation, partronage, sycophancy and loyalty. The politics of launching and launching non existent projects for political mileage was perfected by Moi in 80s and 90s. Launching of non existent projects and supply of air has been the main hall mark of Jubilee’s reign since 2013.

Fortunately H.E Uhuru refused to be part of the “launching” tricks for political expediency in his second term by banning the launching and financing of new projects until the old ones are finished. But the hustler has remained defiant and won’t let go this trick because he believes that Kenyans are gullible and there is maximum political points to score by mock launching for cameras, an art which was also perfected by Governor Alfred Mutua of Machakos County. Some how, after the 2017 elections in which Governor Mutua narrowly survived, he dropped the habit of mock launching of non existent projects ostensibly because he realised the people were more enlightened to read through the trick.

The hustler believes mock launching is a better platform to reap maximum.. political mileage. He launches a road on one end, then next he comes to launch it in the middle, and finally comes back to launch it at the other end. Recently, Citizen TV serialized a story of five stadiums which he launched two years ago and which have never taken off to date. Speaking in one of the mock launching episodes in Trans Nzoia county,the hustler told Saboti Mp Caleb Amisi that his area would access development if he works with him.

But this trick does not work well in the 21st Century.

It’s called the art of mock launching of non existent projects. The launching episodes are pure campaign rallies cameflouged as “launching project”.