How DP Ruto Angered Mt Kenya Mafia, What He Should Have Avoided To Survive Politically

By Kiberenge Jnr

Ten lessons we must learn from DP Ruto’s predicament, mainly drawn from Jubilee Administration first term:

1.When the King treats you as his equal, humble yourself and show him that he is above you.

2. When the King delegates to you excessive powers, be cautious.

3. When the King allows you to steal as much as you can, be careful. You are walking into a trap.

4.When the King moves you closer to power, never be tempted to imagine that you are part of the power.

5.When the King does not dispatch you to represent him beyond Africa, ask yourself why

6.When the King allows you to wine and dine with him, it does not mean you are friends.

7. When the King asks you to demolish your house and stay with him in the palace, think twice (Read URP dissolution).

8 When the King acts dump and drunkard, read his body language.

9.When the King nods his head in affirmation and approves every suggestion you make, you must worry. It’s a sign of bad things ahead.

10. Finally, never allow your ambition to over shadow the legacy of the King. That is disastrous.