”If You Are Corrupt, Money And Power Will Not Save You” Uhuru Warns Top Jubilee Leaders

If You Are Corrupt Money And Power Will Not Save You” Uhuru Warns Top Jubilee Leaders

By Gilbert O Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta read the riot act to certain people, in his govt, who have taken advantage of their proximity to power to amass ill-gotten wealth and operate with utmost impunity. He did this in a church in Karan yesterday.

After listening to his speech and reading his body language carefully, I am left with no doubt that the son of Jomo is determined to leave a memorable legacy and if mega corruption is your middle is your middle name, you better be very afraid.

He categorically stated that, “it doesn’t matter how rich or how close to power you think you are; we’ll deal with you.” I felt like he was addressing specific individuals around him- people that he knows only too well.

Now, when a man from the most powerful family in the country ( both politically and financially) talks like that, woe unto you if you stand on his way. That’s old money and power speaking my Fren.

Know what? Old money plus power can easily crush new money like a flea. It comes with the advantage of experience and networks that are as old as the republic.

I have always stated that president Uhuru stands the best chance to deal a deadly blow on the systemic corruption in the Kenyan because of the aforementioned qualities. The man has nothing to lose and everything to gain, by so slaying the ugly dragon of corruption.

This presents him with the best chance to right the wrongs perpetrated by his regime, in his first term, ensuring that he exits with an enviable legacy as the president who decisively dealt with impunity in Kenya .

With his family background, and given that he won’t be running for president again, he can’t be easily manipulated or bought. How can you even begin corrupting him or holding him at ransom?

If you have noticed, Uhuru and Raila have been speaking the same language about corruption. That makes a team of the two most powerful families in Kenya. If they want, they can drain the swamp of corruption in Kenya for good.

I can hear some of you whispering that the the two aren’t saints. No. We don’t need any saints to do this because there are none.