It’s Getting Complicated! Sharon Otieno Murder, Journalist Barrack’s Statement Left So Much Hanging

By Osborn Y G

The real Oyamo is in custody. BARRACK had never met real Oyamo before (Going by his narrative). The two are to meet for the first time in court … Oyamo as suspect and Barrack as witness. Is he the same guy who got into and later alighted from the vehicle? If Barrack can’t prove this then his goose is fried. If not, who then was the mystery “Oyamo?” Eliminating the real Oyamo would in a way validate Barracks narrative …to a point because then, there would be no defence in case of cross examination – so comes in the mystery KDF man visit to Oyamo’s cell. Well, no one goes into the cell with anything, not even phones or wallet. No evidence was in the cell to be destroyed.

The only other person who purportedly knew the real Oyamo is dead. Apparently, there is no mention of the two people (Oyamo and Sharon) talking at whichever point in this narrative. How on earth would two people perfectly known to each other meet and not even exchange pleasantries? Sharon set up a meeting with a guy who doesn’t even bother greeting her? As at now, the only witness against Oyamo is Barrack. Can he confirm that this is the guy who got into the vehicle?

… And again, which is this vehicle that was used? It just disappeared without a trace? How clean was the road that no witness saw Barrack “jump out” of the vehicle, not even a motorist, in the absence of a pedestrian or passer by?Its