Best Business To Invest Now Is An Abortion Clinic Near A College Campus

By Jeff Kinyarra

If you set up an abortion clinic within university precincts, you’ll grow rich very fast, morality notwithstanding. Sharon Otieno made one mistake slayqueens avoid, she accepted to keep the pregnancy and use it as a weapon against her Sponsor

In a generation gone, such men were roguely called ‘Sugardaddies’. Melennials today realised the term was in bad taste and chose to normalise and sanctify such men with fancy, acceptable and fashionable titles such as ‘Sponsor’ and ‘Benefactor’.

The Akothee diction and urbanite music totally indoctrinated teens who grew watching ‘Mizizi’ to contemporary tunes that edified nudity and nightstands, music whose graphics auctioned love to the highest bidder, so that ‘romp for pomp’, champagne, vacations, discolights, shisha and maintenance money for salon and electronic gadgets defined love, as best captured through harshtags and snapshots.

As young women, well bred and pampered, got opportunity to go to college, they opened eyes.

The boyfriends back home were booted for the new breed in college, as the new catch was refined, closer and to save on the long distance. Chambilecho wahenga, fimbo ya mbali haiui nyoka.

This new breed would find way into the ladies hostels and cook and ‘pass time’. They’d rely on helb or pocket money sent from home to sustain their girlfriends, as often times, they operated together-cooked and slept together, exiling their roommates for weeks. And the much they’d afford is kales and maybe eggs, and once in a while if parents were generous, meat.

As the first year ends and the innocent village lady gets exposed to high-end weekend escapades from her clique, she either abandons the campus guy or if she loves him, plays him with weekend excuses of visiting home so that she’d be lost for the weekend.

Her dress code changes, she no longer attends lectures, copypastes assignments, goggles exam. The First Class expectations have sunk low that she’s after a pass, as long as there’s no missing mark or supplementary (sup).

The young lady realises with a little flesh, she can get good grades. With a little flesh she can always find a seat reserved for her in crowded lecture halls. With a little flesh she can get all she needs. So she clusters all men to their mode of importance. Every man becomes an asset. Even the poor bright classmate can be good for notes and assignment copying.

Back in my alma mater, Moi University, deep in Kesses village, I’d see big tinted machines (cars) packed outside the campus vicinities, preying and waiting, on Fridays and Saturdays.

Any comrade who’s learnt there knows how lonely and deserted the place was on weekends. Some would finish lectures on Thursdays and hit the road. The next time people would resurface would be the next week on Monday evening.

These ladies, politically, were dumb. They never cared what clubs and associations looked like. They’d pass by a poster, and if convinced to vote, would chose the hottest face to vote, policies of the candidates notwithstanding.

Rich guys in Eldoret would promise their ‘boys’ ya macho if they’d connect them with fine ladies. And some, would come visiting the dens of liquor and spoil everyone, with an eye targeting an innocent lady, who’d be falsified to be secure, by company and friends around.

The connecting guy would always not blink at offers, wanting to ‘eat’ from both sides. Get some pocket money from the sponsor and also share with the lady anything forthcoming from the illicit affair.

The lady would go on and chain her friends, who wanted similar arrangements and connect them with the sponsor’s friends. So you’d see a clique 3 or 4 ladies jointly brokering sponsor deals.

The sponsor knowing campus guys are broke but cunning, and the distance would upset issues would connivingly rent for the girls houses outside the hostels or in town. So that he’d keep watch over the lady by visiting impromptu, and without being detected or questioned by security personnel.

The poor campus lads can only pray for true love, but as they come to reality, they realise love lost at the slight interest of a sponsor with money who promises a hustle free life and jobs after campus.

This is basically what happens in colleges. The toxic levels of immorality are sickening that we need to open a serious conversation. Before Sharon, there was Mercy Keino. The most alarming part of these deals is, these sponsors are merciless and very ruthless.

Society needs to call the urbanite socialites by their rightful name-calling prostitutes. They are setting a bad trend. We also need to tell girls slayqueening will only get you ulcers keeping up with the Kardashians.

Somehow Universities need to mentor and invest hugely in Peer to Peer education programs and guidance and counseling in our colleges. Mimi kwangu my Ayanna will be day schooling from college. Hii maneno ya hostels na wasichana kuishi solo before marriage hapana taka. Lool

There’s no easy or free life out here. Men also, if you love school kids, kindly buy your wife a uniform and dress her. Someone remarked ‘Ukule githeri ama pizza, Kushiba ni ileile’.

Young unmarried men, don’t believe when they say the beautiful ones have not yet been born. You will end up a sponsor. Kindly take time to choose a wife you’d settle with forever. If things go wrong in marriage, you can choose to agree on divorce or go the Atwoli way, make things public to avoid dramas.