EXPOSED: ARREST of DCJ Phelomena Mwilu To Propel Njoki Ndungu to CJ, Block DP Ruto 2022

By Maeri John Jnr

The arrest of deputy Chief Justice her lordship Lady Justice is meant to propel lady Justice Njoki Ndungu to Chief Justice once when CJ David Maraga retires in 2022.

Previously there have been schemes to have a politically correct Justice to occupy the strategic Deputy CJ position and that is why the first lady DCJ Nancy Baraza was hounded out of office over funny charges of pinching a nose of a security guard at shopping mall in Westlands. The 2nd DCJ Lady Kaplana Rawal was also kicked out office on grounds of age and now Mwilu over what appears to be a bribery claims of just 12 Million.

Now, Justice Njoki Ndungu is politically correct, she hails from Mt Kenya a region that boasts of being home to billionaire business and pro systems power brokers better known as Mt Kenya mafia. These is a clique of individuals who feel entitled to leadership of this country and thus as Uhuru concludes his two terms a back -up plan of controlling key governance institutions seem to be at works.

The fate of the 2021 constitutional referendum is not known and thus for the Mt Kenya mafia its important to to put measures in place to control the judiciary and the security organs. If the referendum favours the creation of a powerful PM position then forming the biggest coalition will be inevitable and blocking either Raila or Ruto is the main agenda being rolled out in slow motion.

Meanwhile this is how Onyango Ochieng Jnr captures today’s arrest in relation to Uhuru succession issue vis vis Mt Kenya supremacists>>


The biggest loser in DCJ Philomena’s arrest is not AMOS WAKO(her husband), its WILLIAM RUTO. Amos can never sleep alone in this cold night.However, here is why Ruto should be very worried. Impartial CJ Maraga at 67 is retiring at 70 years. His possible replacement is Philomena, to be grounded by Chapter 6 & Public Service Code of Ethics; just a matter of time before JSC kicks off her firing. Naturally, this makes Susan Njoki Ndung’u the automatic heir apparent to the throne.

Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu is a hotheaded right-wing extremist and a vicious defender of the Mount Kenya Oligarchs (who feel their properties are unsafe under Ruto’s presidency). She is their eye & nose, their heart & soul at the Judiciary ‘engine room’. Ruto has several unfinished cases or some cleared under funny circumstances that Njoki can order reviewed. This is now taking a lethal, calculated, tactical, strategical angle.Ruto should turn to Malawi for better lessons on how to outmaneuver this…or better still turn to God and seek his ‘INHERITANCE’ in HEAVEN. Susan will deal with Ruto thoroughly-the way USA dealt with Osama.