Anxiety Among Political Socialites As Sonko Set To Nominate A ‘Twerking’ Deputy Governor

By Onyango Ochieng’ Jnr

What’s this anxiety about appointment of DEPUTY GOVERNOR for Nairobi? Friends, this is the most bogus position beyond the illusion of office trappings. The framers of the constitution in their wisdom made the position ANTICIPATORY purely for CONTINUITY sake.

What am saying in street parlance is that the only job of a deputy governor is to smuggle themselves through constitutional backdoor when the governor dies. Beyond that, they are beautiful nothings, stunted weeds or unprofitable cowards incapable of being useful like castrated men who underwent vasectomy.

If you visit any county office, most of the time deputy governors are always asleep, skylarking with friends & relatives or worse still, playing cards the whole day probably fasting & praying that the Governor gives up his ghost.

In the last republic, the D.G for Kisumu was 1000% idle that to be relevant; she formed a powerful covert opposition “pressure group” to her boss Nyanungo Ranguma. What followed was constant ruckus & fracas that the county did not realize any impactful agenda & the same happens all over including the Machakos story.

In recent history, Ivory Coast decided to reduce executive idling/wage bill by chopping off the position of a deputy president. This is what we need in Kenya; the post of a DG should be chopped off, so that the county secretary or Leader of Majority(Leader of Govt Business in the Assembly) doubles in that capacity.

I have attended meetings of Governors as a rapporteur, when deputy governors appear there by mistake; they are treated as shameless imbeciles, thrown to the back seats or chased out of the meetings like destructive evil spirits.

The best any of those nominated peacocks by Sonko will do is to catwalk at City Hall & occasionally service him in the ‘other room’.

This is why I strongly feel Sonko should appoint curvaceous Sex Siren Caren Nyamu. So that instead of idling, she will be twerking for Sonko all day.

To those ambition-less girls out there, instead of this ’empty shell’, go for an MCA directly or become an official P.A of governor. You will have both power & authority than the D.G.

Happy Sunday.