Why President Uhuru’s Mother, Mama Ngina Will Decide the Next President of Kenya

She is known as the first woman to hold the position of the First Lady in Kenya- a woman who can be defined by her signature head-wraps or the fact that she has been a powerful force, puling strings of leadership since she married the first President Jomo Kenyatta when she was only 18.

The 88 year old Ngina can easily pass as 40 and is a mother of four children. Her friends describe her as a woman of few words who has a phobia for the limelight. Media Cameras however feasted on her when as a distraught mother, she organized countless prayer meetings for her favorite son who is the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta when he faced charges against humanity at the Hague.

She is not however without controversy and is said to be behind smuggling of Ivory right from the 70s. When Jomo was exiled at Lodwar and Maralal, she was with him with their to daughters Jane and Wambui. And when Mzee breathed his lat, she was there alongside her children which has informed the tradition of the Kenyatta’s going for family gathering in August every year.

It was Mama Ngina who advised her husband Jomo Kenyatta in 1976 to disown the group led by Njenga Karume and Kihika Kimani who were opposed in Daniel Moi succeeding Kenyatta. That explains the deep friendship between Moi and the Kenyattas.

Moi in Auguts 1992 after a consulttaive meeting with Mama Ngina and seeing that Oginga Odinga might beat him at the polls devised a plan to split Ford into two factions- Ford Kenya and Ford Asili led by Oginga Odinga and Kenneth Matiba respectively after Martin Shikuku was given Sh30million so as to join fores with Matiba.

It is no suprise that in 2002 during Kibaki Tosha movement, Moi picked Uhuru o succeed him. In 2007, his mother who is his chief political advisor asked Uhuru to shelve his presidential ambitions and support Kibaki instead.

His younger brother Muhoho and his other are said to be the force behind the throne.

Weeks before the enigmatic handshake, Mama Ngina held a series of meeting with Ida Odinga and knowing that Jakom listens to Ida, convinced her to dissuade her hubby from asking NASA supporters to take to the streets following Raila’s swearing in.

This is said to have give the succession game a new dimension that has the Deputy President William Ruto and his faction in jeopardy because whoever Mama Ngina will endorse will have the backing of the Mt. Kenya King makers and consequently voters.

She is said to be keen on someone who will protect the Kenyatta dynasty and your guess is as good as mine on why the dynasties are on one side in this.