Unmasking ‘The Hustler’, How He Plans To Limp To 2022, Hopes To Be Opposition Leader

By Manaseh Nyainda

One fundamental problem with William Ruto is thinking that every other Kenyan is a consumer of his toxic lies and porous propaganda:

1. Everytime he addresses the public, he tends to blame his woes, like being the most corrupt man in Kenya and which even my village mad man knows is true, on some imaginary political competitors. You will hear him claiming that they are busy with work while his ghost competitors are only in for fitina na vitendawili.

2. He wants to ride on the ‘hustler’ narrative to the presidency, a tired line that is slowly turning catastrophic. His father was a nobody in this country and we agree but let him be reminded that Jomo Kenyatta and Moi’s fathers, Muigai wa Kung’u and Kimoi Arap Chebii respectively, were also nondescript figures in Kenya. He should henceforth start propagating that lie within the jurisdictional boundary of Sugoi.

3. That he is a staunch Christian and a believer in Christ, a common tendency among violent despots who hide behind religion for political expediency. We know who WSR is: he is the merchant of impunity and the chief priest of corruption with cogent evidences from high profile execution, land grabbing and money laundering dangling on his head

4. Whenever he contributes millions of shillings in churches and rallies and immediately suspects that Kenyans will corner him, he normally shifts the lie to his boss that half of the money has come from the son of Johnstone Kamau. The fact of the matter is that the money is the weekly remittance made by his web of corruption in government that cuts from ministries to parastatals.

5. He will claim on one hand that he supports the fight against corruption in public rallies and unleash his political barking dogs like Murkomen and Cherargei on the other hand to poke holes on how George Kinoti and Noordin Haji are executing their mandate. That is when you will hear that the war is targeting some ethnic base and by extension WSR to curtail his 2022 ambitions. Anyway what is corruption if it is not Ruto?

6. Lastly and more fundamental is to go round and pacify his supporters that he is going to win by 2022, a dream which is dead on arrival. I can tell you for sure that I dont know who will be the president but I know who is not going to be the president and that is none other than the thief masquerading as a hustler. The lightning that is going to strike the former UoN CU Chairman is still doing press ups at Anniversary Towers before moving to Bomas of Kenya in 2022.

Ukiona WSR mwambie hii kitu ataonea kwa Viusasa.