SAD: Uganda’s Pro Reform Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira SHOT DEAD On Orders From ‘Above’

Uganda’s pro reform top Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira and his wife have been shot dead. The couple who were driving in a family car were reportedly shot near their home in Bulenga, Wakiso District. The attackers were riding on a boda boda

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said they were attacked at about 9pm.

“The Uganda Police Force is greatly concerned with the assassination of ASP Muhammad Kirumira at Bulenga near his home at around 9:00pm. He was with a lady residents confirmed to be his wife,” said Mr Kayima in a statement before adding that she too succumbed to bullet wounds and was pronounced dead on arrival at Rubaga Hospital Saturday evening.

The murder of the Outspoken police officer, Muhammad Kirumira is a clear indication that Uganda depost/dictator President Yoweri Museveni is thirsting for Bobi Wine’s blood.

East Africa strongman is fighting off wind change in this largely rural country with majority residents being conservatives.

Top pundits in Kampala have indicated that Muhammad was killed because of his close links with Wine. Security forces believe that he has been at the center of Wine’s security details who has severally confused state security over the whereabouts of Mr Wine

Mr Kirumira was killed in the manner in which his mentor and former police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi was killed.

Kaweesi, his bodyguard and driver were shot dead on March 17, 2017 near his home in Kulambiro, Kampala.

Like never before the World need and must embark on plans to arrest and prosecute Yoweri Museveni. Regional political analysists have indicated that the world super powers are not keen on Museveni’s mis-rule and human rights violations in Uganda mainly due to ongoing of raping of precious minerals in Democratic Republic Of Congo.

It is widely known that the leadership in Uganda and Rwanda are closely linked to DRC regime and their West benefactors. Kenya’s Jubilee regime is also said to be easy on Museveni and the DRC network leaving president Magufuli a lone ranger in the region.