Finally Uganda Dictator Museveni Allows Tortured MP Hon Bobi Wine To Travel Abroad For Medication Attention

A video has emerged showing Bobi Wine leaving from Entebbe Airport to seek treatment abroad.

In the 23-second clip, Bobi Wine is seen on a wheelchair heading towards the departure section of the airport.

“I can now confirm that Hon. Bobi Wine is on a KLM flight out of Entebbe Airport. I just saw him off. We will now embark on getting Hon Zaake to leave for medical treatment too. Thank you for all your prayers and support,” human rights advocate Nicholas Opiyo said on Twitter.

His lawyer Robert Amsterdam said: “Now that Bobi Wine is finally safely en route on a flight, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to his local lawyers, his family, friends, and supporters who refused to back down in the face of extreme pressure and intimidation.”

Earlier on Thursday evening, authorities blocked Bobi Wine from leaving claiming that he was defying his bail terms.

They bundled him into an ambulance and whisked him back to a local hospital as his wife claimed that he had been beaten up again.

Uganda military reportedly surrounded the hospital where Bobi Wine was detained. Police then released a statement saying they were waiting for direction from the relevant department.